July 2020 E-Newsletter

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A Vistoso Nature Preserve Could Become a Reality

July 2, 2020 – The Conservation Fund (TCF), a U.S. based environmental, non-profit organization founded in 1985,submitted a letter of intent to Romspen Investments to purchase the former 208-acre Vistoso Golf Course as a Nature Preserve and Community Trail. 

“This is great news and an important first step in preserving the former golf course,” said Michael Bilodeau, President of Preserve Vistoso.  “Our 1,300 members helped create this opportunity to save some of the last remaining areas of the Sonoran Desert in Oro Valley.  We will continue to need community support to make the Nature Preserve and Community Trail a reality.”  

In June, TCF (www.conservationfund.org) submitted the Letter of Intent to Romspen after a unanimous vote by the Oro Valley Town Council (7-0) directing the Town Manager to work with TCF to explore the purchase of the property.   

“The support of the Town Council certainly provided the opportunity to work with TCF to acquire the property, but this is just a first step,” Bilodeau said.  “We are eager to work with TCF to ensure that the former golf course is preserved in perpetuity as a public open space.”

TCF is accredited through the Land Trust Alliance which sets national standards for protecting natural places and working lands to ensure that conservation efforts are permanent.   TCF focuses on the intersection of conservation and community and believes that environmental protection and economic vitality are inseparable.  It has preserved eight million acres of land throughout the U.S., with almost a million acres preserved in Arizona. 

“Initially, we started primarily working with public agencies to acquire parks and key open spaces,” said Mike Ford, Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition.  “Over the past 30 years, our priorities have evolved with the aim of supporting our partners who need assistance with the ‘space in between’ such as working landscapes, ranches, community areas and forests that are vital for local habitat. This broad landscape allows us to continue fostering successful relationships with agencies, local stakeholders, business leaders, landowners, corporations, and others to meet our partner’s imminent needs.”

Since May, TCF  has been engaged in a partner-driven endeavor with the community, the Town of Oro Valley and other key individuals regarding the community’s desire to protect the beautiful features of the Vistoso Property,  including its wildlife, mountain views, petroglyphs and the six-mile community trail. 

TCF will negotiate directly with Romspen regarding the purchase of the property using ready capital from an internal “Revolving Fund” that provides initial funding for the purchase.  TCF’s revolving fund is used to acquire lands and assist with conservation.  If negotiations are successful and the property is purchased, TCF will ultimately transfer it to the Town of Oro Valley to be preserved in perpetuity as a public open space.  The Town also is investigating grants from Arizona State Parks and Trails to cover some of the acquisition costs.   

Preserve Vistoso will partner with TCF to replenish its acquisition funds.  More information on fundraising will be available from TCF and Preserve Vistoso in the upcoming weeks.   To stay up-to-date on our progress, please go to PreserveVistoso.org and click Join to be added to our contact list. For information on ways to give, please contact Kirste Kowalsky, Arizona Field Representative for The Conservation Fund, at kkowalsky@conservationfund.org.

Let your voice be heard.
Preserve Vistoso.


Master Association and Sub Associations

What does all of this mean to me as Homeowner?

I find it interesting how many homeowners do not understand the difference between a Master and Sub Association.  Therefore, I feel we should start out the new year with a better understanding of how the two interact.

Master-planned communities are large developments that integrate a variety of neighborhoods, sub-divisions, recreational facilities and amenities under one community umbrella, with a focus on lifestyle, convenience and quality of life.  Most master planned communities offer homebuyers a range of residential options suited to different life stages and price points, from single-family homes to townhomes to condominiums to apartments. These residences are often located in distinct neighborhoods within the community and may be developed by multiple builders. 

Every homeowner who owns property in the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) is a member of the VCA Master Association.  Projected build out for VCA is approximately 10,000 homes.  As a member you are responsible to comply with the Governing Documents:   Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), Bylaws, Design Guidelines, Rules and Policies…all documents can be viewed on the https://vistoso.connectresident.com or https://ranchovistosohoa.com. 

As the Master/Umbrella association…Vistoso Community Association currently maintains 10 Vistoso Community Parks, five monuments, miles of hiking trails, roadsides, medians and all other common area landscaping that falls under the purview of the VCA master.  The Quarterly Master Assessment dues of $75 per quarter, ($80 per quarter beginning January 1, 2020) covers the expenses and reserves for the Master.

Many people think that the master association is always the only homeowner’s association within the community.  However, within the VCA Master Association, there are currently 21 separate sub-associations aka “Subs,” with their own assessment dues and governing documents as created by their developers.  If you own a home in one of these standalone subs (gated communities in VCA), you are a member of this sub association as well as the Master.  This means that you are responsible for a second set of assessments to contribute to your sub association costs to cover amenities such as club houses, the Sub management company your sub is contracted with, if applicable. In addition, you are required to comply with the Sub’s CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), architectural guidelines and other provisions, as well as those of the master association.

If you have any questions about how we, the FirstService Residential VCA Master Association staff, interact with the many facets of your Master, or your Master and your sub association please do not hesitate to contact the onsite office. 

Colleen Holland, General Manager, Vistoso Community Master Association

Sub Associations currently in VCA Master Association:

Sub NeighborhoodCompanyPhone NumberSub NeighborhoodCompanyPhone Number
Alterra @ Vistoso TrailsPlatinum520-623-2324Stone CanyonHBS520-668-5322
Center PointeMission Mgnt520.797.3224Stone VillageHBS520-330-2018
Estates at High MesaCadden520-297-0797Sunterra @ VistosoAssocia520-742-5674
FairfieldHBS520-330-2018Viewpointe @ Vistoso Trails I & IIPlatinum520-623-2324
Golf Casitas 1 (755)Associa520-742-5674Vistoso Highlands 1Associa520-742-5674
Golf Casitas 2 (695)HBS520-838-0276Vistoso HillsCadden520-297-0797
Hohokam MesaHBS520-330-2018Vistoso Office ParkAssocia520-742-5674
Honey Bee CanyonCadden520-297-0797Vistoso VillageCadden520-219-2310
Honey Bee RidgeHBS520-829-7758 X203Vistoso PointeSelf-Managed
Monterey HomesAssocia520-742-5674Vistoso Resort Casitas (655)HBS520-829-7758  X203
Ridgeview @ Vistoso TrailsPlatinum520-623-2324 
*Management Companies are subject to change*

Compliance Information

The Town of Oro Valley Police department provided important information on parking in our community:

  • AZ state law: 28-873. Stopping, standing or parking prohibitions; exceptions; definition
    A. Except if necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or if in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or traffic control device, a person shall not stop, stand or park a vehicle in any of the following places:
     1. On a sidewalk.
  • Oro Valley Town Code:
    Section 11-4-4 Nuisance Parking
    7. Sidewalks. It is a civil traffic violation for any person to park any vehicle, whether in usable condition or not, or for an owner to permit his vehicle to be parked upon any sidewalk in the Town

Overnight street parking in an ongoing issue in the VCA community. Please remember that overnight street parking is prohibited and is a safety hazard for all vehicles trying to navigate through the community, especially emergency responders.

For any questions or concerns please contact the Compliance Coordinator, Alexa Byrd at alexa.byrd@fsresidential.com.