July 2021 E-Newsletter

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Message from the VCA – July

Holiday Hours:
In observance of Independence Day, the VCA Onsite Office will be closed on Monday July 5th. 

Tennis Court Key Cards:
Please do not forget to exchange your Tennis Court Key Card at the VCA onsite office before July 21st. After this date the old card will be inoperable. The office hours are 10am-2pm Monday-Friday and is located at 945 W. Vistoso Highlands Drive Oro Valley, AZ 85755. Should you need a special accommodation please call Stephanie Medart at (520) 354-2729.

Town of Oro Valley Water Project:

West of La Canada on Moore – Vistoso Community Association.

We  received this notice from the Town of Oro Valley Water Department.

If you walk or bike on the Trail West of Tarzana in Torreno west:

“We will be installing a water main from our Reservoir site on King Air Road, South, through an easement we have that traverses the Vistoso Community Association Common Area for the subdivision to the east. This easement was obtained while the property was still owned by Vistoso Partners.

The two main impacts of the work will be a relocation of the walking trail, which will happen before excavation. The trailhead marker on Moore Road will be relocated and the trail will be clearly marked. The second impact will be traffic delays west of Trazana Drive on Moore Road when that section of water main is installed.”

Work is planned to start in approximately 3 weeks.

Be safe during construction, neighbors.

Summer Heat Safety

Water? Yes, Please!

Whether you’re a Sonoran Desert native, have had several years to acclimate, or are a newcomer, this is the time of year to remind everyone of the dangers of desert heat.  Heat-related illnesses can range from mild symptoms up to, and including, heatstroke, which can damage vital organs and potentially cause serious illness.

Some measures to prevent heat-related illness include wearing loose-fitting light clothing, planning outdoor activities during the coolest parts of the day, and acclimating slowly to the heat as you engage in outdoor sports and other activities.  Adequate hydration, however, remains a key way to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Keep in mind that chronic illnesses such as heart or lung disease, may predispose you to heat-related illness. Additionally, stimulants such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medications or other drugs may increase vulnerability to excessive heat.

No discussion of the dangers of Arizona summer heat would be complete without a mention of keeping pets hydrated, cool, and their little paws off hot surfaces. 

By ensuring you and your family are adequately hydrated during hikes or other outdoor fun this summer, the beautiful Sonoran Desert can become your playground!

For additional information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), click HERE

Monsoon Season

If you’ve lived in Arizona for any length of time, you know what the monsoon is. If you’re unfamiliar with a monsoon, there is plenty to expect.

The summer rains bring much-needed moisture and cooler evenings. Not to mention lightning, heavy rain, high winds, flash flooding, hail and dangerous driving conditions. Here are a few tips:

  1. If you are caught in a storm and can’t drive safely, move to the side of the road and turn lights off. This ensures that other drivers don’t follow your tail-lights thinking you are still on the road.
  2.  Watch lightning from afar. Stay indoors when you hear thunder, avoid using plumbing and electrical equipment and keep your distance from windows. 
  3. Keep away from rivers and washes during heavy rains. If you’re driving and see a flooded area, turn around and plan an alternative route. Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law” permits rescue agencies to collect up to $2,000 for water rescues if motorists get stuck after purposely driving in flooded areas.
  4. If you find yourself caught in a dust storm, check the vehicles around you and try pulling over to the side of the road as soon as possible. Turn off your lights, stay in the car and keep your seatbelt on until the dust storm passes.

To read the full article “10 facts about Arizona’s 2021 Monsoon season” click HERE


Tucsonans figured out a long time ago that summers are best enjoyed at night when its a few degrees cooler and slightly less uncomfortable. And many Tucson places have also adapted to embrace nighttime events. 

If becoming nocturnal is on your summer survival list, check out these ideas to fill those warm summer nights.

To read the full article “10 things to do in Tucson when the sun goes down” click HERE

Meet the Board of Directors

Sarah Nelson - President Picture

Sarah Nelson – President

It has been my pleasure to volunteer leadership to the VCA business organization. I have served 2 full terms. I always listen to homeowners and colleague board members, and I recognize that following our guidelines, rules and Governing Documents is an extraordinary duty. I encourage you to consider volunteering, too!

Joseph Affinati – Vice President

Having spent part of my youth in Tucson we decided to retire back to Arizona from Evanston Illinois. I was elected to the VCA BOD from March of 2020 until March of 2022. Currently I serve as VCA Compliance chair in addition to the OV Board of Adjustment.

Matthew Wood-Treasurer

We moved to Rancho Vistoso in 2014 (part-time) and I retired from the cement & concrete industry in 2019 (full-time resident).  I served on the Finance Committee (as an alternate) in 2020 and I was elected to serve on the Board of Directors at the March 2021 annual meeting.  I am currently the Treasurer.  

Sheryl Forte – Secretary

I moved to the Vistoso Community in 2003, began serving on committees in 2010, and joined the Board of Directors in 2016. I am honored to contribute to the Vistoso Community by serving this way. 

Gayle Lopez – Director/Single Family

Leveraging 35+ years business leadership in Profit and Loss (P&L) responsibility for the benefit of Rancho Vistoso. Purchased first Rancho Vistoso home in 2006. Retired and joined Preserve Vistoso board in 2018. Appointed to VCA board November 2019. Elected Treasurer/Chairperson of the Finance Committee in March 2020. Re-elected to VCA board March 2021. 

Vistoso Golf Property Purchase Could be on July 7th Town Council Agenda 

At the June 16th Oro Valley Town Council meeting, Council Member Steve Solomon proposed an agenda item for the July 7th Town Council meeting to discuss the current status and possible action regarding efforts to preserve the former Vistoso Golf Course. The agenda item was seconded by Council Member Mo Greene and approved by the Council.  Solomon urged the Town lawyer to work with all parties to allow for open public discussion.
During this recent meeting, Town Manager Mary Jacobs said that The Conservation Fund (TCF) continues to negotiate with property owner Romspen for the purchase of the 202 acres of the Vistoso property that is zoned recreational.  The land would be preserved as a nature preserve and protected by a conservation easement.  Romspen hired a local appraisal company and this report should be available in July.  TCF is negotiating the purchase of the 202 acres at Fair Market Value established by the appraisal.  The Town is facilitating this purchase. 

“Preserving the 202 acres as a nature preserve is critical to our community,” said Gayle Mateer, President of Preserve Vistoso, a 501c3 organization with 1,800 members.  “There are 17 Rancho Vistoso communities near the former Golf property plus another 13 communities within walking distance of this proposed community trail.  This desert property will add value and recreational opportunities for our neighborhoods.”

 “Members of the Vistoso community have been working for years to convert the former Vistoso Golf Club to a nature preserve for the benefit of our community,” said VCA President Sarah Nelson.  “It’s critical to join the efforts of Preserve Vistoso to make this community nature preserve a reality.”

The Town Council discussion of the Vistoso negotiations may provide information on the progress of the talks.  To listen to the discussion, you can attend the July 7th Town council meeting at 6 pm (MST), by accessing the Oro Valley Meetings and Agenda HERE

More information about Preserve Vistoso is at preservevistoso.org.

Committees: An Opportunity to benefit VCA and Yourself

Last month our newsletter included an article that outlined how volunteering for Vistoso Community Association benefits both the Association and the volunteer by creating a more efficient operation and by reducing cost to us. If that article got you thinking about assisting VCA now or in the future, participation in a committee can be one of the best ways to help out. To have a better idea of our committees’ purposes, a summary of what each committee does is outlined for you below.
Architectural/Landscape Review Committee (ALRC): Most committees are advisory to the Board. However, the ALRC is a bit different in that it reviews and has the authority to approve or disapprove architectural and landscape plans that are required for our properties.
Compliance Committee: The Compliance Committee is very important in that it greatly assists the VCA staff to maintain a pleasant and desirable community. Its main task is to review alleged violations of our governing documents and determine if they are valid.
Financial Review Committee: This committee is critical for sound financial operation of VCA and acts as a check and balance by reviewing the monthly financial statements and recommending an annual budget to the Board. You don’t need to be an accountant to serve on this committee yet it helps to have a basic understanding of budgets and financial statements.
Communication Committee: Thorough, transparent communication to the Membership is essential for any homeowners’ association and that is exactly what this committee is tasked with. The committee’s main duty is to prepare and review documents such as this newsletter that are sent to our residents.
Annual Nominating Committee: Although a short-term appointment, this is a very important committee as it manages the Board of Directors election process.
Governing Documents/CC&Rs/Bylaws Update Committee: As you may know our CC&Rs are very outdated and difficult to read/understand. Although this committee is tasked with reviewing and recommending updates to all of our governing documents, its main focus now is to update the CC&Rs especially as it conflicts with current law and to accomplish the challenging task of encouraging at least 75% of our members to approve amending the CC&Rs.
AD Hoc Committees: Ad hoc committees are formed to deal with special issues that arise. Once the committee accomplishes its task, the committee is retired. These committees offer a fantastic opportunity to be involved in an issue you are interested in for a limited period of time.
For more detailed information on the committees and/or to submit an application for a committee contact the VCA office at 520 354-2729, or click HERE.

Get to Know Your Committees: Finance Committee

The Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) Finance Committee advises the Board of Directors (BOD) on all matters pertaining to the finances of the Association. This includes recommending and monitoring financial policies, goals, investments, and budgets. It also monitors the financial health of VCA’s capital accounts through the use of professionally-provided reserve studies and an annual reserve fund budget.

The Committee is comprised of three to five members, appointed annually by the BOD, and is chaired by the Treasurer. Any VCA member is eligible to be appointed, with an emphasis on those with a background or education in finance, accounting, bookkeeping, or business.

Among the Committee’s most important tasks are:

  • Recommend policies that maintain or improve the financial health of VCA
  • Review and recommend a long-range financial plan
  • Recommend an annual operating budget and an annual capital budget
  • Review and recommend capital expenditures and unbudgeted operating expenditures that exceed property management’s spending authority
  • Review the financial ramifications of major proposed transactions, new or changed programs or services, and recommend actions to the BOD
  • Monitoring the financial performance and health of VCA, as well as its vendors, in the context of long-term trends and industry benchmarks
  • Recommend corrective actions, as needed, to the BOD to ensure that VCA remains in compliance with its budgets and other financial targets
  • Reviewing vendors’ contracts and ensuring that they remain viable, necessary and financially sound

The Committee meets at least once a month, and its actions are reported monthly to the BOD through the Treasurer. The meetings are open to all members of the Association.