November 2020 E-Newsletter

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Message from the Manager: Colleen Holland

Good Afternoon Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Homeowners and Residents:

Now is the time for over seeding the VCA park turf…

Each year the Vistoso Community Association  determines which parks need to be over seeded (reseeded from summer Bermuda grass to winter Rye grass).  This past Friday and Saturday AAA Landscape crews over seeded all Vistoso Community Association’s Park grass, except for Wildlife Ridge Park which is on sabbatical this year. 

To make the over seeding successful the sprinklers will be running multiple times during the day until the seed germinates in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, please be cognizant of the wetter and slicker than normal grass and try to avoid excessive use during the germination period.  Please pass the word to your neighbors who may be questioning all this water use during a drought. 

In addition, the AAA Landscape staff has had to repair 6 sprinkler valve heads in the past two days as a result of damage.  Should you witness any damage occurring please report it to the VCA office at 520-354-2729 or the 24/7 FirstService Customer Care Center at 855.333.5149

Thank you for your patience while we enhance your environment!

~Colleen Holland, VCA GM

Vistoso Community Association Websites

In addition to our personalized Rancho Vistoso Website the Vistoso Community Association and FirstService Residential offer the Connect Resident portal, also called the ‘Community Business Website’ at

With the Connect Resident portal, you can connect via:

Devices: We know that being connected anytime, from anywhere and from any platform is essential for homeowners. To that end, your website’s updated and responsive layout is designed to support desktop, tablet and mobile displays and is also available as an app.

Your Personal Homeowner Account: A self-service platform lets you communicate with your management team, submit service requests, check account balance information, download forms and documents, manage your visitor list, obtain package information and much more.

Mobile App:  Download the app version of the site!  Access your smart phone’s App Store and search “Connect Resident” to download app.  The login for the app is the same as the login you set up when you registered for the site.

You can also get valuable information on:

Events and Happenings: Got a case of FOMO*? Never miss a thing by utilizing the new community calendar feature to stay in-the-know on happenings within your community.

Neighbors: An optional resident directory enables easier interactions with fellow residents. Of course, homeowner privacy is a top priority, so this feature is activated only for those who choose to opt-in.

Information: Have a quick question? No problem. Visit the FAQ section of your community website to get answers to some of your most common association questions.

Security: Get the highest level of protection with up-to-date security and strict privacy settings for good peace of mind.

VCA – Governing Documents Committee – 2020 Status of Work Efforts

The Governing Documents Committee was formed in June 2020 and authorized to oversee and guide the refinement and updating of the 35+ year old documents that are still used to manage development, maintenance, and operations in all areas within the Vistoso Community Association (VCA). The committee’s initial efforts have focused on how to organize and simplify the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which are currently very confusing and not aligned with Federal and State statutes.  This should not be surprising to anyone, as this document has remained largely unchanged since it was first drafted in 1987, and therefore does not effectively support the VCA Board, property owners or homeowner associations in their efforts to maintain their communities.

A major effort in 2020 was to assemble all tract declarations associated with each of the homeowner associations located within Rancho Vistoso.  The committee is also developing an updated set of maps, that will better identify the various property areas and types throughout the VCA, including common areas, recreational space, commercial property (businesses), homeowner associations (gated and non-gated), and future residential or commercial development.  An early 2021 goal will be presenting a draft outline to the Board of Directors suggesting the path forward to an updated CC&R document, that is easy to reference and use by any member regardless of their particular property type (Single-Family, Multi-Family or Commercial).  The current governing documents section HERE is heavily viewed, which shows our members are searching for information. 

Input from the HOA membership (this means you!) is vital because to change the documents currently requires 75% of all members to approve the revisions.  We believe the efforts to produce an updated document will effectively support the management and betterment of your community, and be easier for everyone to use and understand.  We can accomplish the goals with your interest and your support.   Feel free to participate in the monthly Zoom meetings, posted HERE. We look forward to seeing you!

Go Paperless – Go with E-Statements

Gone are the days of yearly coupon booklets! Revised Arizona State Statutes require that a statement is mailed each billing cycle and each quarter for Vistoso Community Association (VCA).  To save homeowners the frustration of locating forwarded or lost mail and to save our precious resources, FirstService Residential offers your VCA Quarterly Master Statements via email!

CLICK HERE to learn how to receive your statements via email.

A Time for Giving

It is that time of year, this year more so than ever! Please consider supporting our community by donating to a local food bank. Find options HERE.

November Landscaping from AAA!

The AAA information for November includes caring for grass, planting, and preparing for winter.
Remember the important Care Tips for this month:

  • Overseeding should be done by now..
  • Trim trees and shrubs, cut back watering
  • Plant, plant, plant!

To Download the full color flyer and all the Tips for November HERE.


Volunteers Needed for Preserve Vistoso Board

October 28, 2020 — The Preserve Vistoso Board is grateful for all the support you have shown us in the past, whether sending letters or joining Zoom meetings with the Town Council, generously pledging funds to purchase the property, or donating to support our operations. While we’re disappointed that The Conservation Fund offer to purchase the property wasn’t accepted by Romspen, we haven’t given up on our mission to preserve the property as a nature preserve and community trail.  In support of our mission we are looking for new members for our Board of Directors who strongly support Preserve Vistoso’s goals. 

Please send us an email at if you’d like to discuss Board responsibilities or have any questions.   A form will be available on the website for you to express your interest in bringing your skills and passion to our board and we hope you’ll join us.  We’ll interview candidates in December and announce the new Board members after our annual meeting January 22. 

We are looking for volunteers who strongly support Preserve Vistoso’s goals and can commit to at least eight volunteer hours a month.  In particular, we’re looking for the following skills or experience:

  • Prior non-profit or HOA board experience
  • Background in legal, conservation, fund raising,
  • Experience with website development
  • Background in communications, social media, public relations
  • Experience working with local governments
  • Interest in contributing to the community

Attend November 12 Meeting to Voice Concerns about Parks and Rec Plans for Future

The consultant hired by Oro Valley, Michael Svetz from PROS Consulting, presented initial planning recommendations for the Town’s Parks and Recreation facilities on October 20.  The meeting video is available HERE .  You can start listening to the meeting 9 minutes 30 seconds into the meeting. 

PROS Consulting presented maps showing that Oro Valley had not invested in recreational facilities north of Tangerine.  Svetz highlighted service areas by “Equity Mapping” and included service area circles.  These maps do not include most of Rancho Vistoso or Sun City (30 minutes, 45 seconds into meeting). If the Town accepts the conceptual plans presented, no new investments will be made in or around Rancho Vistoso or Sun City.  In the presentation, Svetz also said that Rancho Vistoso micro-parks have little recreational value. 

Earlier this year, many of you participated in the initial survey of community needs.  The top three priorities of our community are: natural surfacetrails; multi-used pavedtrails and; open space conservation area/trails (12 minutes, 46 seconds into meeting).   Outside of adding trails to Naranja Park and creating a performance area at Steam Pump Ranch, the consultant’s concept plans do not address these top ranked community needs. Svetz suggested plans focused on making improvements and adding amenities to the Town’s existing parks and facilities in the center of Town: The Community Center; Naranja Park; Riverfront Park; James D. Kriegh Park; and Steam Pump Ranch.  There was no mention of the needs of senior citizens, some 49 percent of the Town’s population. 

There will be an open community forum on November 12 at 6 pm about the Parks and Rec study.   We encourage you to participate and express your opinions about open space, trails and the lack of Oro Valley recreational facilities in Rancho Vistoso.  

Members of Preserve Vistoso packed Town Hall in January at the initial meeting for the Parks and Rec study.  We said that the needs of Rancho Vistoso should be considered in this study.  Apparently we were not heard, even though Rancho Vistoso and Sun City make us 40 percent of the Town’s population.  That makes it important that we attend and speak at the November 12 meeting. 

If you have comments you’d like to share with the Town before the meeting, you can email or email Town Council members.