Message from the President: Sarah Nelson

When I look at my calendar, the first thing I notice is that we are four short months away from Thanksgiving. How is it possible? It feels like I have lived a year’s worth of hard days since the last time we met in the VCA Board room on February 27th. Although there have been many distractions (dare I call an international Pandemic a “distraction”?) over the months that keep us socially distanced, we are hard at work. We are embracing and mastering the use of technology that keeps us functioning at a high level with our Board and Committee requirements as well as staying in close touch with FirstService Residential (FSR) management and executive team members as well as department heads at the Town of Oro Valley.

As an outcome of the 2020 Board of Directors election and subsequent resignations, the required 7-member Board now has 5 new members, several of which are new to our community. All board members have spent over 30 hours in trainings, provided by many community resources. The FSR management team keeps us focused on building and implementing best business practices to move us forward with solid, sustainable procedures and policies. We are all working overtime to clean up a bit of a backlog of projects, plus bring into focus the current necessary maintenance and reserve projects.  

We live in a beautiful and peaceful community. Keeping it beautiful and peaceful is, in fact, purposeful, and it takes each one of us to contribute and participate. FSR staff is available daily to answer questions and provide information. There are several easy ways to connect to us.    Phone, email, meeting times. My hope is that you will consider downloading the ZOOM app and join us for board meetings and committee meetings.  

I invite you to visit our updated VCA Website and check the calendar for upcoming meetings.  You will find information how to join the conversation on the calendar events. All meetings are open for our members, with the exception of Executive sessions. In response to our member requests, we are now sending out monthly digital newsletters through Mailchimp. Please sign up for the newsletter HERE.

We welcome volunteers – many of the committees have more individuals than are required by the committee charter because the community members want to participate in the conversation by contributing experience, skills, and abilities.   It gives me great joy when joining a committee meeting and listening to conversation led by community members about community needs.

Lastly, I want to assure you that I am 100% focused on leading conversations that ensure our community will be beautifully maintained and peaceful. We will continue to work with homeowners to ensure private property is maintained appropriately. When we work together as neighbors, we will exceed all expectations – it truly takes all of us moving in the same direction.  I appreciate the confidence you are showing in the Board of Directors – we are listening. I hope to see you on ZOOM!  

Stay safe and healthy!

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Sarah J Nelson, President, Vistoso Community Association