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Vistoso Community Association is going Green!

Community News

Contributed by Sarah Nelson, Vistoso Community Association President

Happy New Year, Vistoso neighbors!   A special welcome to our winter visitors!   We may not see each other much this winter given the Covid-19 precautions, but we always look forward to greeting our winter residents and guests.   We encourage you to visit our Oro Valley businesses during your stay and get outside to enjoy the warmth of sunshine as well as our beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  

The VCA Master Association Board has been working very hard this past year to bring forward several very large projects that were not accomplished over the past few years:  painting of common area walls in select Master neighborhoods; identifying Reserve Study elements within our Common Area that require repair, maintenance, or replacement; and a Town of Oro Valley request to inventory, repair, maintain or replace Drainage Facilities throughout the Master Association.   We have over 120 drainage projects, several which will begin this month, and many reserve studies items to move forward that are being discussed at Committee and Board currently.

Our accomplishments for 2020 are due to the commitment of Volunteer board and committee members as well as a dedicated, hard-working staff.   Thank you to all volunteers that help move conversations along, even when the conversations are difficult to discuss.   Thank you to FSResidential staff that find a way to “make it so” when given direction, even when the tasks are mounting up on desks.   Yes, we are all working very hard.   Thank you to all residents that trust us to make prudent decisions on behalf of all VCA membership.  We value your trust, your input, and your commitment to being a good neighbor.

During the December 3 Board of Directors meeting, the Board unanimously approved the implementation of Prop 207 (Marijuana Legalization Initiative 2020) within our VCA community.   Please review the resolution, posted on the website.   Our next related project is to update the Park Rules to include this newly adopted rule, coming this spring.

We are continuing to “meet” via zoom and other digital platforms.   While it is currently filling the void of “in person” meetings, we miss seeing our neighbors and interacting with each other.   All Committee and General Board Sessions are open to homeowners and we encourage you to attend.   We encourage you to consider participating in one or more of our meetings.   Agendas and ZOOM links are provided on our website calendar.   Hopefully, we will be able to convene later this year after the Public Health Emergency is lifted.  

On behalf of board, committees, and staff members, we wish everyone a peaceful and healthy new year. 

2021 Association Ballot Processing and Procedures

The goal of the 2021 Board of Directors election is to encourage electronic voting to maximize the tallying process for the Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) electronic voting (IVOTE) vendor.  Electronic voting is easy, convenient, completely self-service and confidential, but if a property owner/member has questions or requires additional support, the VCA management staff is available to provide personal and confidential assistance. 

You will receive a letter and email that will provide instructions for how to cast your vote during the February 26 – March 19, 2021 election period.  These communications will discuss the three ways you can submit your vote and be assured it has been properly tallied: on-line/electronically using IVOTE, US mail, or hand delivery to the VCA onsite office at 945 W. Vistoso Highlands Dr.   Regardless of the mode used, only VCA onsite FirstService Residential staff are authorized to assist you with your voting efforts or handle ballots.   

When you choose to vote electronically using your own device, you will receive a confirmation email from the IVOTE system upon successfully completing your input.  If you would like to vote electronically but would like additional support, a computer will be available for your use at the VCA community office between 10 AM and 2 PM each weekday during the election period.  If requested, a VCA staff member will provide you with additional assistance as needed to support your efforts to vote electronically.

If you choose to return your completed ballot by US mail, it will be scanned and recorded into the IVOTE  system by a VCA staff member on the same day it is received.  As part of the scanning entry process, the staff member will document the date and time the IVOTE entry is completed along with their signature, scan the paper ballot to record an electronic version of it in the VCA database, and retain the original hardcopy on file.  If you provide an email address in your mailing, you will receive an email from the VCA staff member confirming that your ballot was received and recorded. 

Residents that prefer to hand deliver of their ballot to the VCA office are asked to drop it in the on-site ballot box on a weekday from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Each day at 2 PM a VCA staff member will collect the hand-delivered ballots and enter each into the IVOTE system using the same process as for mailed ballots.

Finally, please remember that per the VCA governing documents, VCA members who are homeowners are provided and allowed to submit only one ballot for each property that they own.   Per the VCA ByLaws, Section 2.3, in the event more than one person casts or attempts to cast a vote for a particular lot or parcel, all votes shall be deemed void.

If you have any questions about voting or voting electronically (online), feel free to contact FSR staff at (520) 354-2729.

Please VOTE!

String Lighting – Reminder!

A friendly reminder to all residents to remove any string lighting from your property. As many of you may know, string lighting is not permitted in our association. We would love to see your décor to enhance elegance and light up the dark nights, but we cannot allow string lighting. Since the holidays are over, we are moving to full enforcement with any non-compliant lighting and if noticed, it will be addressed. Let’s work together to abide by our CC&R’s and remain compliant. Thank you!

Don’t Forget the Clean Up!

As we welcome the second month of the New Year, we are hopeful to achieve new goals moving forward. Per the CC&R’s 5.2.2 Animals . . . “All permitted pets shall be leashed when not on a Lot owned by the pet’s owner or in which the pet’s owner is a Tenant, guest or invitee; and persons walking pets shall carry a “pooper scooper” (a hand held shovel or other instrument designed for removing animal excrement from the ground) with them at all times and shall remove the pet’s excrement from the Covered Property.”

Moving forward please be mindful of your animals and be sure to clean up after them so that we can keep the community clean and safe for all.  We provide numerous pet stations throughout the association, please utilize them if you bring your pets out unprepared.

We enjoy watching your animals explore and enjoy the dog parks and would like for all to have the same experience. We hope to accomplish this goal and will continue to provide the necessary tools to help you clean up after your animals.

Get to know your Committees: Finance Committee!

Gayle Lopez, Treasurer

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) Treasurer and Chairperson of the Finance Committee (FC) since March 2020.  I’d like to introduce the FC’s role, committee members/contributors, and our joint successes. 

Role of the FC

The FC’s primary role is to make financial recommendations to the BOD and assist the Treasurer in his/her duties.  Proposing the annual budget (operating and reserve) and the investment strategy/plan are but a few of the FC’s responsibilities.  In addition, the FC recommends when to increase assessments, how to finance expenditures, where/when to invest VCA money, assists in contract language and bidding, audits suppliers to ensure contract compliance, makes recommendations to reduce the VCA’s exposure to fraud and hacking, and recommends policy/process improvements.  The FC delivers sound financial recommendations.

Meet the People Working on Your Behalf

The community was blessed this year to have a very talented and committed FC team.  We met twice a month vs. the traditional once a month.  Our team members possessed skills and expertise in areas such as financial forecasting, financial fraud, extensive reserve study & funding knowledge, commercial real estate development, banking, P&L management, auditing, contract negotiations, cyber security, and prior VCA/HOA FC experience.  The FC knows how to make your assessments work for the community.

Gayle LopezTreasurerVistoso Hills (soon to be Honey Bee Ridge)
Norm BogenMemberSt. Andrews II
David LightMemberEstates at High Mesa
Rob QuiriMemberThe Pinnacle at Center Pointe
Susann VentzkeMemberVistoso Highlands 1
Matt WoodAlternateSummit North at Center Pointe
Tracy Anne PhillipsContributorAlterra
Veronica AlverezAccountantFirst Service Residential
Colleen HollandGeneral ManagerVCA Onsite Office

FC 2020 Accomplishments

The FC is proud to share that we completed 25 projects this year.  These projects improved efficiencies and have saved and/or identified savings valued in excess of $30,000 by:

  • auditing top 5 suppliers
  • getting reimbursed for billing errors
  • decreasing contract costs
  • holding suppliers accountable to contract terms
  • renegotiating fair and balanced contracts
  • implementing procedures that reduced exposure to financial fraud
  • developing a gifting policy

Finally, Our Success = Your Success.  Thanks for letting the FC serve our community.

If you have any ideas or want to help with the Finance Committee – reach out to

Preserve Vistoso

Preserve Vistoso Announces New Board Members and 2021 Officers

Preserve Vistoso Board welcomes new Board members:

  • Terry Hart, CenterPointe
  •  Nancy Olson, Fairfield
  • Jennifer Seaman, Somerset Canyon
  • Steven Wallace, M.D., J.D, Stonegate.  

Preserve Vistoso Officers for 2021 are:

  • Gayle Mateer, President
  • Craig MacKay , Vice President
  • Michael Bilodeau, Secretary
  • Rick London, Treasurer

To find out more about our board volunteers, go to 

Town Council February Meetings

The next scheduled Town Council meetings are on February 3 and February 17.  You can find agendas for the meetings about a week prior to the Town Council meeting.

Town Council meetings usually begin with the Town Manager’s report that may include some mention of the ongoing efforts of the Town to negotiate the sale of the Vistoso Property.  The report from the Town Manager at the last Town Council meeting indicated that there are conversations with Romspen representatives, but no information was available beyond that.  Preserve Vistoso understands the sensitive nature of the Town’s negotiations with Romspen, but we expect that progress will be made to meet the April deadline set by Mayor Winfield.

The Town Council agenda has a “Call to the Audience” following the Town Manager’s report.  Community members may speak for three minutes as part of the Town Council’s Zoom meeting.  You have the opportunity to provide your personal comments and opinions to the Town Council.  You may want to express your opinion about how important this purchase is to the community and would like to know what progress the Town is making.  

We can thank the Mayor and Town Council members and the Town Manager for attempting to negotiate for the acquisition of the property.  You can report that Preserve Vistoso members are committed to financially support the Town to purchase of the property.  Preserve Vistoso members pledged $1.5 million when The Conservation Fund attempted to buy the property and we remain committed to raising funds for the purchase of the property. 

Our community also is committed to support maintenance of the nature preserve financially if the Town successfully purchases the property.  If the Vistoso property is used as a natural desert preserve, maintenance costs should be relatively low. The property is especially suited for conversion into a nature preserve.  It is natural desert environment with six miles of paved trails. The main areas that would need to be maintained are the path, the restrooms and the access areas. One of the large, local landscape companies estimates that the cost to maintain these features could be around $54,000 per year.  More information is available in the January 4 Pulse, which goes into detail about maintenance costs. 

If you’d like to speak and want to hear what other community members have said in Town Council meetings, you can listen to the January 20 comments about 21 minutes into the meeting, HERE

If you join Preserve Vistoso, you’ll be kept up to date on this conservation project.  Go to and click on the ‘Join’ button. 

Your Turn: Join the Nomination Committee!

The Nominating Committee is currently accepting applications to be appointed to the 2021-2022 Nominating Committee. The Board will appoint this committee during the February Board meeting per our governing documents.   If you have interest in joining this particular committee, please complete the application and return to  by Feb 15, 2021.  

Please also consider taking this opportunity to apply for appointment for the other standing committees as well.   All other committees are appointed at the April Board meeting, the first board meeting after the Annual Meeting in March. The committee structure is 3 – 5 voting members and 1 Alternate. The Alternate votes only when a voting member is not in attendance. All homeowners are welcome  to apply and invited to attend and listen in to committee meetings. We hope to see you soon!

Share your Photos!

Thank You to the residents that have already submitted photos for the newsletter!

The VCA would like to share resident community photos in the monthly newsletter.  Please consider sharing your photos (for use in the VCA newsletter only) by sending them here:

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