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Greetings from the Board – May 2023

Matt Wood
VCA President

“The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Board of Directors’ primary objectives in 2023 are to make cost-effective investments in our aging infrastructure, address safety concerns in the common areas, aggressively manage our budget and expenses, improve our processes, and continue to educate our members on the value the VCA delivers to residents and businesses.”  The following VCA Board of Directors’ activities are aligned with these objectives.  

Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Lighting Pilot

The project to assess the modernization of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard street lighting has installed 12 over-head LED lighting fixtures as a pilot project to examine the cost effectiveness of lighting improvements.  The study site is on both sides of the boulevard, just north of Tangerine Avenue.  The current lights are failing and replacement parts are no longer available. We welcome member reaction to the effectiveness of these 12 lights.

Updated VCA Maps

The Board of Directors approved five updated VCA maps proposed by the Governing Documents Committee.  The maps include the VCA owned parcels; residential development parcels; non-residential development parcels; undeveloped parcels; and a recreation areas and trails map.  These maps are available for member viewing at the VCA offices or online. Click HERE to view the maps.

Updated Architectural and Landscaping Review Guidelines

The Board also approved an updated version of the Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee Guidelines. The key objectives of the update are alignment with current legislation, state and federal codes; meeting evolving community trends and needs; clarifying definitions; and consistency with the CC&Rs.  Most importantly, these updated “Guidelines” are intended to make it easier for members to navigate the association architectural and landscaping rules when planning changes to their property.  Click HERE to view the guidelines.

Oro Valley Police Department Agreement to Patrol VCA Properties

To help improve safety and decrease vandalism in the park common areas, the Board approved the Oro Valley Police Department’s Trespass Letter of Consent agreement for a two-year period.  The agreement enables the Oro Valley Police to patrol VCA facilities, and allows them to apprehend and arrest individual’s vandalizing VCA properties.   

Focus Groups for Member Input

The Board has conducted focus groups with single family and multi-family members to get input and help better inform Board decisions.  Results of these focus groups will be published in upcoming Newsletters.  The Board will continue to keep residents informed and involved on the progress of projects important VCA members.

Committee Volunteers

Much of the “heavy lifting” of the VCA is performed by our seven Committees.  These committees are staffed by knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers who contribute their expertise and time to supporting your Board and improving our Association. 

Consider Joining us! Click HERE to download an editable Volunteer Application form. After completing the form email it to

Did You Know – May 2023

Dan Sturmon
VCA Vice-President

  • Members planning a new project to the exterior of their home should consult the Architectural and Landscaping Review Guidelines regarding permitted changes, submit an Architectural and Landscaping Change Form, and have VCA approval before starting the project.
  • There are two ways members can more easily find what you are looking for in the updated Architectural and Landscaping Review Guidelines.
    1. Refer to the index of subjects by page number.
    2. The Guidelines are a searchable PDF Document. Open the entire PDF on your computer and then use CTRL+F keys (Command+F if using Apple iOS) to search for key words. Type the word you are searching for in the bottom left dialog box.
  • Members may download the Permitted Plant List and take it with them to their nursery or share it with their gardener/landscaper before purchasing and planting.
  • Side yards are defined as portions of the backyard, inside the privacy walls, on the sides of the house. Areas on the side of the house outside of the privacy walls are considered part of the front yard. Irregular and corner lots may have exceptions that will be considered on a case-by-case basis. [See page 4 of the guidelines]
  • Visible party lighting strung in the back yard on porches, patios, eaves, etc. is prohibited, unless being used for a single event or applicable holiday lighting. [See page 13 of the guidelines]

Snapshot – May 2023

Barbara Daoust
General Manager
First Service Residential

In case you missed the April 27, 2023 Board of Directors meeting, below is a “snapshot” of the General Manager’s report to the community.  The entire report begins on page 4 in the Meeting Resident Info Packet. – Click Here to download the PDF.

RVB Street Lights
Since there has been multiple issues with the current streetlights along Rancho Vistoso Boulevard the VCA board has opted to conduct a demo project to determine what the best solution will be on lighting needs for the community. Mountain Power Electrical Contractors installed 12 LED fixtures along Rancho Vistoso Boulevard (starting at Safeway). Mountain Power is storing the old fixtures that are still in decent shape at their storage facility. The board is currently evaluating the new fixtures and will be meeting to discuss the results and future plans on this project.

VCA New Office Signage
Territorial Signs is in the process of applying to the Town of Oro Valley for the office door, marquee and building permit signs for the new location.

Capital Projects
Irrigation – Management has submitted a pre-application for this project to the TOV. Staff will be meeting with town representatives to discuss the scope of the project.
Painting – Proposals have been received for the painting project that includes the following reserve components: #510- Common area metal fence in Vistoso Heights, #710 retention basin perimeter fence in Overlook, #2014 – Siena entry walls and gates and #1320 – Metal rails along Vistoso Highlands Dr. The board will be reviewing and acting on the bids at the April 27 meeting.
Asphalt – As a result of the weather we had to reschedule the asphalt project twice because of low temperatures. We were able to complete the Hohokam Park parking area on April 6 and the rest of the project has been rescheduled for April 25 & 26.

Erosion Projects
Big View Ct. Channel – Additional erosion and bank failure west of the original failure was identified by the WLB Group, Inc surveyors. The WLB Group is in the process of addressing.
27 Mile – The tentative date for the project was May 22, 2023. This may have to be pushed back since WLB is relooking at the design for the purpose of addressing the slope grade at the entryway to the trailhead.
Bridal Veil – VCA representatives, Town of Oro Valley Staff, representatives of adjacent landowner met to discuss the best solution to resolve the drainage repair and discharge of water onto the neighboring property.

VCA Facilities
Unfortunately, the tennis court locks at Hohokam Park, restroom lock at Wildlife Ridge Park, and the pedestrian gate at Siena has been vandalized. At the April 27 meeting, the board will consider entering into agreement with OVPD to permit police officers to patrol and arrest individuals at our community facilities.

TOV Housing Survey

It’s survey time! The Town of Oro Valley is conducting a survey to determine current and future housing needs in Oro Valley.  Your responses will be part of a larger study to help create housing goals, policies and an actionable plan in Oro Valley. Individual responses will not be shared with other parties.

 Help our community by answering questions like:

·  What types of housing does Oro Valley need?

·  What did you experience, or do you think are barriers to homeownership?

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Questions? Please contact our Constituent Services Coordinator at or 520-229-4711.

Critter of the Month for May 2023

Vistoso’s Critter of the Month

Our Critter of the Month is a mother Javelina with her young.

In Rancho Vistoso, nature is integrated with the community providing breathtaking views and limitless opportunities to get outdoors. Please exercise caution many forms of wildlife occupy our trails, parks, common areas, and backyards including javelinas, rattlesnakes, bobcats, and coyotes. Do not feed or approach wildlife, and exercise caution. ~  Photo Courtesy of Dan McLaughlin, Resort Casitas I

Do you know an exceptionally cute critter in your community? Share the love and give your furry, feathered, or scaled friend the spotlight they deserve. Submit a photo of a critter whether it’s your personal pet or a wild animal you’ve observed on the trail. Please attach a photo and a brief description of your critter to with the title ‘Critter of the Month’ for a chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter.