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Caryn Hill
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Meet your neighbor Rob Feltes

Rob, Nicholas, and Laura Feltes

We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect December “Meet Your Neighbor” than Rob Feltes, National Sales Manager with MasterPieces Puzzle Company, a manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles, games, toys and wood craft kits. With headquarters right here in Rancho Vistoso, MasterPieces has been in business for over 25 years and sells their products globally through a variety of retailers, from small specialty shops to large big box stores such as Walmart and Target. MasterPieces products can also be purchased online through their corporate website.

MasterPieces started out primarily as a jigsaw puzzle company specializing in souvenir puzzles. Over the years it has grown to offering specialty puzzles for sports fans (they have licenses with the NFL, MLB, NHL, and most larger universities), national parks fans, and even movie fans. They also offer a wide variety of educational puzzles and toys for children of all ages. MasterPieces continues to grow and is always looking to add local talent to the MasterPieces team.

Rob and his family moved from Milwaukee, WI 12 years ago and Rob has been with MasterPieces for the past 7 years. Rob and his wife Laura were looking for a community to raise their small son, Nicholas. They wanted a place that had real neighborhoods with sidewalks, good schools, and a strong sense of community. To be able to live and work in Rancho Vistoso has been a perfect fit for their family.

Nicholas attended Amphi schools and is currently a freshman at the University of Arizona. Rob and Nicholas were involved in Oro Valley Little League and club baseball for many years. Eventually the two of them became avid tennis players, playing at Hohokum Park and El Conquistador. Laura is currently the administrative assistant at Painted Sky Elementary School and takes advantage of the many walking trails throughout Rancho Vistoso.

Rob fully embraces all that living in Rancho Vistoso offers and one of his favorite places to hike is in the Catalina Mountains. In fact, a few years ago Rob and Nicholas did a strenuous nine-hour hike, from the top of Mt. Lemon down to the parking lot at Catalina State Park.

Along with Rob’s sales director position, tennis playing and hiking, Rob currently holds the Commercial Director position on the VCA Board of Directors. Although Rob was involved with the VCA for three years prior, being a voting board member allows him to be more instrumental in helping make decisions and implementing changes.

If you’re not familiar with MasterPieces products or are still looking for some great holiday gifts, take a look at their website at Rob and MasterPieces would like to show their appreciation to the entire community by offering a discount code for any purchases made in December.

20% discount code

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