April 2022 Email Newsletter

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Vistoso Community Association Annual Meeting Highlights

Annual Election Results

The annual election of the Vistoso Community Association Board of Directors was completed with 4 newly elected Directors filling 1-2 year terms. Five of the Directors represent the Single Family category, one represents Other-than-Single Family, and one Commercial category. 

The new Board Directors are:         

  • Gayle Lopez, President – Single Family Director (1 year term)
  • Matt Wood, Vice President – Single Family Director (1 year term)
  • Dan Sturmon, Secretary – Single Family Director (2 year term) 
  • David Light, Treasurer – Single Family Director (1 year term)
  • Carl Buchwald, Other Than Single Family Director (1 year term)
  • Joseph Affinati, Single Family Director (2 year term)
  • Robert Feltes, Commercial Director (1 year term)
 General Manager Report

In 2021, common area wall stucco repairs and painting were completed in the Horizon, Vistoso Heights, La Terraza, Sunset Ridge and Sunset Ridge Estates neighborhoods. Also, metal surfaces were painted in Wildlife Ridge, Somerset Canyon, Cortona, Big Wash and Monticello Parks. The painting and stucco repairs cost just under $100,000. The 2022 common area projects will comprise of painting Hohokam Park fencing, rails around Eagle Summit monument, and walls and rails at Bell Tower, Vistoso Highlands and Stone Village.

The lock systems at the park tennis courts and restrooms were upgraded. Old entry gate cards can be exchanged for new cards at the VCA on-site office located at 945 W Vistoso Highlands Drive or call the office at 520 453-2729 between the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Vistoso Community Association 2022 Reserve Study can now be accessed on the community website and found HERE.

Common areas in two neighborhoods were transferred to the Association: Vistoso Crossing and Valley Vista. A few items are still outstanding on each. The Associations General Manager is working with the builders and the Town of Oro Valley (TOV) to resolve these matters. The park area on Moore Loop Rd., the south end of the facility which includes the playground areas, the builder Mattamy is addressing a drainage issue in this location. Drainage plans have been submitted to the TOV; once approved they will schedule to begin the work.
Further into 2022, upcoming projects include the replacement of benches, picnic tables, and trash cans at Big Wash, Wildlife Ridge, and Sunset Ridge Parks as well as Woodshade and Lost Coyote Trails. In addition, shade sails and playground covers are scheduled for replacement at Hohokam, Torreno, Wildlife Ridge,  along with the parks mentioned that have damaged shade sails and playground covers. Bids have been solicited to refurbish the basketball court at Sunset Ridge Park. The common areas along the perimeters of Bella Vista, St. Andrews I & II, La Terraza, Stone Terrace and Innovation Park Drive will have the granite surfaces replenished.
Another Capital Reserve Project scheduled for 2022 are irrigation systems replacement located along Innovation Park Drive and Desert Fairways Drive.

2021 Association Award

An annual request of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA) of their members is to submit notable community landscape projects. In 2021, 40 large communities within Southern Arizona submitted projects by the ALCA membership. AAA  Landscape submitted the Rancho Vistoso Community, resulting in the Rancho Vistoso Community Association being awarded the 2021 Landscape Award of Excellence.

2021 Water Conservation Effort

n early 2021, the Board of Directors for Vistoso Community Association (VCA) approved installing in-line meters to provide an exact measurement of water usage on grass turf at the east and west sections of the Tangerine Monument. By not over-seeding both east and west sections of the monument, approximately 467,670 gallons of water consumption was saved.  In addition, the Board approved the replacement of twelve irrigation controllers to stay in sync with VCA capital improvement projects; expecting more reduced water consumption in 2022 within the VCA boundaries.

Committee Reports

Seven committee reports were presented at the annual Board meeting with several notable 2022 committee efforts and recommendations:

Architectural/Landscape Review Committee – Primary effort is to request Board approval of an updated Architectural & Landscape Design Guidelines version to respond to current trends and comply with Oro Valley Codes and State/Federal statutes. Continue to oversee residential and commercial development of properties relating to architecture and landscaping as prescribed in the Vistoso Community Association Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions.

Compliance Committee – Create community communication programs to both familiarize residents with governing documents, and build a greater understanding of CC&R’s and Community Guidelines to protect property values.

Finance Committee – Recommend increase of annual contributions to the Reserve Fund from $450,000 to $700,000.

Governing Documents Committee – Efforts will focus on CC&R document simplification by taking the current 78 page document to a draft updated 34 page version with no substantive changes as well as promoting a separate request to lower approval requirements for future changes to a simple majority rather than maintain a 75% voting approval requirement.

Parks and Landscaping Committee – Continue efforts to maintain all community assets at the highest standards and focus on water stewardship and maintenance of community landscape assets. Concentrate on common areas by clearing destructive wall brush, removing damaging trees, restore park facility amenities and participate in new community park turnovers from the builder.

Welcome to Vistoso!

Priscilla Harris – Assistant Community Manager

The newest member to join the Vistoso Community Association is Priscilla Harris filling the role of Assistant Community Manager. Priscilla has nearly a decade of property management experience specializing in Luxury Multi-Housing Properties. Priscilla is a Political Science major with a passion for creating community engagement. She strives to exceed community expectations and maintain the splendor of the Vistoso Community. Priscilla has lived in 5 different states but calls Tucson home. She is excited to be a part of the Management Team servicing the Vistoso Community.

57 fun events happening in Tucson this April 2022

It’s a brand-new month, Tucson — one that’s FILLED with fun events!

April welcomes the return of many annual favorites including the Fourth Avenue Street Fair, Tucson Folk Festival and Pima County Fair. Plus, enjoy a roller disco party, chicken poop bingo, Easter egg hunts, a pet parade and so much more.

Of course, things can change quickly these days. Check for the latest info before heading out!

To view a list of events click HERE

Electronic Billing for Assessments

Each year the Vistoso Community Association spends thousands of dollars mailing out paper statements. Some owners are not aware that they can sign up for paperless billing, but every homeowner has access to online billing and electronic statements. If you wish to have your quarterly assessment statements emailed to you, rather than a paper statement sent in the mail, simply go to the WelcomeLink website, and register for an account. 

The benefits of receiving electronic statements are: 

  • Convenient, 24/7 Access – Check e-Statements anytime, anywhere. Simply log in and view up to 18 months of complete statement history. 
  • Reduced Risk – Using e-Statements protects users from fraud and identity theft by eliminating unnecessary paper statements that include personal account information. 
  • Go Green – Welcome Link’s e-Statements reduce users’ paper consumption and carbon footprints, making this the better environmental option. 

To sign up for a WelcomeLink account click HERE

To sign up for Auto Pay, please visit the ClickPay website HERE

If you have any questions, please contact the VCA Office at (520) 354-2729. 

Call for Committee Members

The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) needs volunteers for their existing committees to help influence the direction of the community.  Please consider being a committee member by completing the VCA Volunteer Application.

The application form can be found on our Forms page – HERE.

The basic requirement for committee membership is being a resident homeowner in good standing, and the applicant must agree to use good business and personal judgment in their role as a committee member.  Committee members are not compensated for their time and effort.  Committee meetings generally involve a couple of hours once a month and are held in late afternoons.

The current volunteer VCA committees are:

  • Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee
  • Parks & Landscape Committee(Common Area and Amenities)
  • Communications Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Governing Documents Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Ad Hoc – Special Projects

Questions on volunteering can be directed to AskVCA@RanchoVistosoHOA.com , or 520-354-2729. We look forward to your participation in your master association, Vistoso Community Association.

New Map of Vistoso Nature Preserve

One of our Oro Valley neighbors has created a new map of the Vistoso Nature Preserve to help us navigate the trails. The map below includes the course holes and nearby communities, as well as adjacent streets, underpasses, and restrooms. There are plans to open the restrooms soon after the Town acquires the property on July 1, 2022.

If you have any questions, please go to the Preserve Vistoso website at PreserveVistoso.org. 

You can download the map HERE.

Picking up after pets and Community Parks

The weather is warming up, which means more time outdoors. The Vistoso Community Association has 11 beautiful parks available to members, each with different attractions and amenities. Hohokam and Wildlife Ridge Parks have availability to reserve a ramada for your gatherings and you can make a reservation by calling the VCA Office (520) 354-2729, or by signing into the FirstService Residential Portal https://vistoso.connectresident.com/. We ask that when having an event to please pick up after yourselves. If the trash receptacles are full, remove your garbage from the area and do not leave trash behind. Our desert animals love to get into trash and that just makes a mess, and can be dangerous to those animals. 

There are many dog bag stations throughout the community, please utilize them when out walking your furry friends. 

To view a park brochure and learn about the amenities at each one, please visit the Parks Brochure Page HERE

April Season Landscape Tasks

The Vistoso Community Association has AAA Landscaping Company oversee all its landscape common and park areas.  AAA performs a number of landscape tasks throughout the year, and follows “To-Do” and “Don’t Do” lists each month of the year.