September 2020 E-Newsletter

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Vistoso Residents have Opportunity to Support the Conservation Fund’s Purchase of our Nature Preserve

In June, we reported that The Conservation Fund (TCF) was negotiating with Romspen to purchase the Rancho Vistoso property. To have one of the most successful and highly regarded American conservation organizations interested in preserving the property as a nature preserve and community trail is a great opportunity for our community. The support from TCF is extremely important.  

As a reminder, TCF is in escrow to purchase the Vistoso property subject to an executed formal contract with the seller, Romspen. The Town of Oro Valley also has publicly approved Romspen’s request to postpone the neighborhood meeting process that is associated with the property’s proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning applications.  This will provide a reasonable time frame for the conclusion of open space purchase negotiations with TCF.

Preserve Vistoso is confident that our community will continue to give and support TCF’s effort to purchase the property and create a conservation easement to preserve the property as public open space in perpetuity. We need to provide funds that will replenish TCF’s Revolving Fund which will be deployed to acquire the property.

Many residents in the Rancho Vistoso community already have made pledges in support of TCF’s goal to create this valuable community amenity.  Preserve Vistoso asks the entire community to make financial pledges that are strictly directed to the acquisition.  Please join your neighbors in helping to meet our goal.  Information on how to make a pledge is shown below.

For general inquiries or information on ways to give towards the preservation of the Vistoso Property, please contact Kirstie Kowalsky, Arizona Field Representative for TCF at  More information on TCF and how to donate is available on the TCF Partnership page at

Preserve Vistoso also is offering virtual ZOOM meetings to provide key updates about TCF’s progress to protect the Vistoso property so that it will be used as a nature preserve and community trail. These informative meetings will provide you key details about our fundraising efforts and update you on our progress. We’re ensuring these meetings are held with small groups so that each attendee has adequate time and opportunity to gain insight about the project. To schedule a virtual meeting or obtain further information, please contact Gerald Bren, PV Board of Directors, at or call (612) 834-8891.

Thank you for your support.

Message from the Manager: Colleen Holland

Compliance, Rules, Guidelines and Violations….Oh My!

Trust us, we know, it is so hard to know what to do and what not to do regarding property  compliance, rules and guidelines. Also, we know violation notices may be the least-liked aspect of living in our community. However, we want you to know that violation notices truly aren’t meant to be punitive! The reason our rules and regulations are in place is to help our community stay beautiful and to enhance your property value. We understand keeping track of all these guidelines can be overwhelming, so we want to offer tips for handling violation notices.

Considerations for Handling HOA Code Violations:

 Idea 1: Understand why the rules exist!

The community rules and regulations are in place to protect homeowner equity. Since not all residents share the same ideas about how our community should look or what constitutes ‘being a good neighbor’, the formal guidelines offer a clear outline of what is expected in the community, and what you can expect from your neighbors.

Idea 2: Why did you receive the notice?

We know a violation notice can make you feel, well, violated!  In fact, you probably didn’t realize you were in violation. That is okay! Contact the VCA onsite staff to ask for an explanation. Understanding where the association is coming from can help you comprehend the notice. Remember that the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) is responsible for drafting our community rules, not our management company FirstService Residential (FSR). However, FSR is available to assist the board with decisions.

Idea 3: Remember that notices are not an attack on your character!

The intent of issuing violations is again, not meant to be punitive, and is in no way a personal matter. We understand that oversights or situations can happen so stay in communication to ask questions, correct the issue, or share concerns with the board and staff before facing a penalty.

Idea 4: If there are extenuating circumstances, let the board and staff know!

Appealing to the board is always an option, in writing or in person at a board hearing (held in closed session).  If there are any extenuating circumstances, let the board and staff know, so they can work with you. Be prepared for the meeting, bring anything that supports your position. Be optimistic! We all want to resolve issues in the most positive manner.

Idea 5: Familiarize yourself with your governing documents.

Every owner is required by law to be supplied with documents that govern the association they are buying in; however, most new owners probably signed acknowledgment of the documents but never had the opportunity or desire to read them. You can find and review the VCA  governing documents, so you are aware of which issues are within the board’s authority to absolve. Read the requirements, how they were violated, the fine schedule, and the remediation process. Understanding the contents of your community’s rules and regulations makes it easier for the discussion to move forward.

We appreciate our community and the commitment to keeping it a beautiful place. We are all in this together, so take these ideas to heart and communicate with your board and the FSR staff. Thank you and be well!

September Landscaping from AAA!

The AAA information for September includes caring for grass, flowers, and vegetables along with helpful tips for pruning trees and shrubs as we move into fall.
Remember the important Care Tips for this month:

  • Don’t over seed until October
  • Fertilize your citrus plants now
  • Review caring for soil if you plan to grow edible gardens

Download the full color flyer and all the Tips for September HERE.


Welcome our new Compliance Coordinator!

Hello Rancho Vistoso families and residents, my name is Michell and it is an honor to introduce myself as your new Compliance Coordinator. I took on this opportunity approximately the last week of July. Since then I have been in training to best fulfill my duties with your previous Compliance Coordinator Alexa Byrd and with FirstService Residential. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure to meet residents, board members and other staff members who have all been so kind and have made me feel welcome. As your new Compliance Coordinator, it is my obligation to keep your homes and our community looking great. Inspections are conducted frequently for one purpose; that is to be sure our residents remain in compliance and our neighborhoods continue to stay healthy and presentable to all.

The Homeowners Association (HOA) is a huge responsibility, but I have been working close with our General Manager Colleen Holland and Assistant Manager Trenais Bryant who have been a huge support to me. We each have different job duties but together we unite into one and I am grateful to be working side by side with them. It is a pleasure once again to work for your community, I am looking forward to meeting more of you!

You can reach Michell at or call the onsite office at (520) 354-2729.