Compliance Update

In July, 2019 a new paint palette for homes in the VCA was introduced.  Thank you to those homeowners who have repainted their homes and there are still homes in need of repainting. In addition to citing the standard property violation, the Compliance Coordinator will now begin sending out violation letter to homeowners whose houses need repainting.

To review the paint palette, visit the VCA Website. When planning to paint your home, an Architectural Request Change Form (ARC Form) is required and approval is needed before starting the project. The ARC form can be found HERE. Please return forms to the Assistant Manager, Trenais Bryant at [email protected].

ARC Forms are also required for any exterior modifications that are done to the property, including backyard modifications prior to the project commencing. Examples may include but not limited to adding/removal of landscaping, adding rock, painting,  pavers, etc.

The Compliance Committee is currently updating the VCA Fine Policy with anticipation of an approval at the August 27th Board meeting. As a follow up to July’s article, remember that overnight parking as well as sidewalk parking is prohibited. Thank you!

Congratulations to Alexa Byrd, the current Administrative Assistant, who has been promoted and will be moving locations to another FirstService Residential community in Tucson. A warm welcome to Michell Alvarez, the new Administrative Assistant/Compliance Coordinator for our community. You can reach Michell at [email protected] or call the onsite office at (520) 354-2729.