Romspen Rejects Conservation Fund’s Fair Market Offer

Regrettably, Romspen Investments, a 3 Billion dollar Toronto Investment company, has rejected an offer from The Conservation Fund (TCF) to purchase the former 208-acre Vistoso Golf course property at fair market value.  Preserve Vistoso invited TCF to negotiate with Romspen Investments to purchase the property so that it would be added to the Town of Oro Valley’s public open space for all to enjoy in perpetuity.  TCF and Romspen agreed on the selection of the company to do the property appraisal to determine fair market value.  On September 30 , Romspen rejected TCF’s offer to purchase the property at fair market value.  Originally, Romspen’s development plans had included a senior care center in the heart of the Center Pointe Vistoso neighborhood as well as several hundred new homes in various locations throughout the 208-acre property.  For further details please access TCF’s  Update Notice and Preserve Vistoso’s Pulse Link