Get to know your Committees: Communications Committee!

The Communication Committee of the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) has several key areas of focus:  newsletter creation and production; website maintenance; and assisting with overall communication for notifying homeowners.

The original quarterly VCA newsletter has evolved in the past six months into a monthly virtual format.   The move away from print has saved costs in the VCA budget as well as allowed for timely and relevant articles. The feedback we have received since the initial July issue has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Communication Committee took over the development and maintenance of the HOA website in March, 2020.  The committee felt having control of the website allowed for design flexibility and a “personal touch”. The website includes features such as an active calendar that includes agendas and links to virtual meetings and resources necessary to inform and educate homeowners. Check it out HERE!

The Committee is also actively involved in constructing communications for information and events approved by the Board of Directors.  The Committee stays involved behind the scenes to edit, reflect, and support the many communication needs in VCA  operations.

The Communication Committee structure has 5 voting members plus 1 alternate. Additionally, we encourage all homeowner input and attendance at our meetings. Many ideas for articles and events come from you, our homeowners! We also embrace help from volunteers that have computer and website skills, please “zoom” with us at our next meeting!

If you have any ideas or want to help with the Communications Committee – reach out to