2021 Annual Meeting Election – Candidate Slate

The following seats are available:
Three (3) single-family seats (2-year term until 2023)
One (1) multi-family seat (2-year term until 2023)


As a former high school Social Studies teacher, home school mom, and licensed attorney in multiple states, including Arizona, I bring objectivity, conflict resolution skills and compassion to any task at hand. I am excited to reside in Rancho Vistoso and would be honored to serve as your representative – so that together, we can continue to make our community a fabulous place to live.


I am Sean Doyle and I’d like to be considered for the Vistoso HOA.
I have served on the CDO Little League board for 5 years.
I work in the Medical Device sales field and am a retired LA Sheriff Deputy
My wife and I have lived on lot 126 since 2006. (we have two young kids)


I grew up in the northwestern states, served in the Army in WW2, graduated from Notre Dame University in 1951 with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. I spent the next few years working in the early years of computer engineering. In 1964 I was appointed Chief Engineer at ITT Corp division in Fort Wayne, Indiana and a year later made General Manager of the Division. Later I was hired to be the CEO & president of the board for Commodore Corporation.
In 1984 I decided to start my own company manufacturing personal computers, Great Lakes USA, in South Bend, Indiana. I retired in 2002, after which, I served on several Boards of Directors such as Memorial Hospital in South Bend & Health Care Excel & others.
My wife and I have been married for 69 years and have 5 grown children.


In 2006, we purchased our first home in Rancho Vistoso. Prior to retiring in 2018, spent 35+ years in business leadership with P&L responsibility. Joined Preserve Vistoso board in 2018. Appointed to the Vistoso Community Association (VCA)board in November 2019. Elected Treasurer and Chairperson of the Finance Committee (FC) in March 2020.
As Treasurer, led the FC in completing 25 projects that improved efficiencies and saved and/or identified savings valued in excess of $30,000 by: auditing top 5 suppliers, getting reimbursed for billing errors, decreasing contract costs, holding suppliers accountable to contract terms, renegotiating fair and balanced contracts, and implementing procedures that reduced exposure to financial fraud.
I possess a deep knowledge of VCA processes/procedures: CC&Rs, supplier contracts, accounts payable software, reserve study, budgeting, etc. I am tech savvy. Bring contract negotiating expertise – resulting in fair/balanced contracts that deliver a win/win outcome.
As a VCA director I will embrace our governing documents, enforce our CC&Rs, maintain common areas, manage association fees in a fiscally responsible manner, make decisions that benefit all 50 neighborhoods in our community, proactively communicate with members, and protect our natural resources.
I want to continue the progress initiated in 2020, bringing continued value to our community, while keeping assessments in check and preserving the beauty of our community. I welcome the opportunity to continue to devote my time, talents, and energy keeping Rancho Vistoso the envy of Oro Valley and a great place to live.
I hope I have earned your vote. Thank you.


My leadership experience spans decades of healthcare administration in which I developed and managed private medical offices. I still enjoy working with private clients, over 15+ states from coast to coast. During my professional working years, I gained and used skills of assessing purpose, need, value and fairness, all of which have been helpful during my terms as VCA Board Secretary and President. After the election in 2020, I worked diligently with staff, board and committee members to initiate and complete many “catch-up” projects. Of significance, I have focused on developing a strategy to manage and maintain drainage facilities throughout our community as well as reserve study community assets that were previously untended. With the assistance of FSR staff and fully engaged VCA Committees, we are currently building sustainable procedures to move the business model of VCA forward. Additionally, I have continued to build on relationships with VCA vendors, builders and the Town of Oro Valley department directors and Town Council members. I would like to continue this forward movement of leadership to represent all parcel owners equally and fairly, using creative and proactive thinking skills. It has been my pleasure to serve my community. Thank you for your continued trust and support.


Undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina and was enrolled in the Master’s program where I met my husband. We moved to Baltimore where he got his PHD from Johns Hopkins University and I worked as a social worker in foster care and AFDC (now TANF) and in a psychiatric hospital where we evaluated persons who had been arrested and possibly had mental health issues.
We moved to Indianapolis when my husband got a job as a professor at the University of Indiana. We spent a semester in Rotterdam Holland monitoring 30 exchange students. My sons were both in their teens then did my first year of law school at the University then we moved to Fairfax VA when my husband became a professor at George Mason University where I completed law school, obtaining my law degree in 1992. After I was accepted in the bar, I worked at Legal Aid in the Manassas office, managing it for 6 years. Then I went into private practice with an attorney friend and we formed the firm of Knight and Stough, LLP. Practiced family law for 18 years before we moved to Tucson in 2015.
Husband ‘s 30-year professorship at George Mason was in the School of Public Policy which involved working with universities all over the world. We traveled all over Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and China before he officially retired in 2017. He died in September 2019.


As a long-time resident of Tucson, and with extended family connections to the Oro Valley and Tucson Metro area, I respectfully ask for your support of my candidacy for the Vistoso Community Association board. My career as a business professional, with 35 years leading complex international marketing initiatives, as well as project and program management tasks, provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to develop the collaborative and critical thinking skills which will allow me to provide strategic, innovative and timely solutions to the board and community at large.
I believe that initiatives such as Preserve Vistoso are crucial to the Rancho Vistoso community, but these efforts cannot be worked in a vacuum. Rather, it is incumbent upon the community to work collaboratively with the Town and County leadership to develop a reasoned and sustainable growth and development strategy.
It is also my firm belief that the Board (and supporting committees) should take a resident focused approach, therefore my focus will be on applying the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines with the objective of getting to a mutually agreeable YES.


Why I would like to serve on the VCA Board: We’ve lived in Rancho Vistoso since 2014. I retired in 2019 and now have the time to participate in the Homes Association as a member of the board. The current board has made great strides in improving the transparency and responsiveness of the board to the VCA community and I would welcome the opportunity to continue that effort.
Business and/or volunteer positions you have held recently: Oro Valley Parks & Rec advisory board since Jan 2020. VCA finance committee alternate in 2020. Appointed to the VCA Board on 2-1-2021 to fill the unexpired term on the Board and VP position until the VCA election on 3-25-2021.
The most important issues facing our community? The #1 priority for the Board is to demonstrate & communicate the value the VCA provides to all of the homeowners. We must continue to work with the Town, Conservation groups and Preserve Vistoso to keep the former Golf Course property an open space.
Bio: I have a BS (Oregon State) and MBA (Portland State) in Business Administration. I worked in sales and marketing for 43 years in the Cement, Concrete and Lime industry. I served on 5 National Boards and Committees and 6 State Associations in the industry. I am currently on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board for the Town of Oro Valley and know many of the staff and council members. President of our Homes Association in Overland Park, KS for 2 years (1995-6).


Thursday, MARCH 25, 2021 – 6PM Meeting
Meeting Location: via WebEx video platform – TBA