Don’t Forget the Clean Up!

As we welcome the second month of the New Year, we are hopeful to achieve new goals moving forward. Per the CC&R’s 5.2.2 Animals . . . “All permitted pets shall be leashed when not on a Lot owned by the pet’s owner or in which the pet’s owner is a Tenant, guest or invitee; and persons walking pets shall carry a “pooper scooper” (a hand held shovel or other instrument designed for removing animal excrement from the ground) with them at all times and shall remove the pet’s excrement from the Covered Property.”

Moving forward please be mindful of your animals and be sure to clean up after them so that we can keep the community clean and safe for all.  We provide numerous pet stations throughout the association, please utilize them if you bring your pets out unprepared.

We enjoy watching your animals explore and enjoy the dog parks and would like for all to have the same experience. We hope to accomplish this goal and will continue to provide the necessary tools to help you clean up after your animals.

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