Get to know your Committees: Compliance Committee

The Vistoso Community Association (“VCA”)  COMPLIANCE COMMITTEE  assists the Board of Directors as it oversees  resident compliance with the CC&Rs, Design Guidelines, and other policies, for the community benefit.   This serves to maintain the preeminent design and aesthetics of Rancho Vistoso;  and property values are maintained and even enhanced.
The Committee is composed entirely of Vistoso Association property owners (“owners”)  appointed by the Board Chair with the Board’s approval. Thus community standards are enforced solely by your peers.
The Committee also works with others at the VCA to inform the community about its mission and to educate the community about the various compliance problems commonly encountered
The process of enforcement is as follows:

  1. Possible rule violations are identified by a contractor who drives through the community frequently. That contractor brings possible violations to the attention of the Committee. In addition, Association owners may file a complaint with the Committee concerning an alleged violation.  
  2. The Committee communicates (usually by letter) with the  owner (not tenants) to bring an alleged problem to the owner’s attention.
  3. The owner usually brings the property into compliance and the matter is closed.
  4. If the problem persists the Committee communicates further with the owner. If compliance is still  not achieved the Committee, after affording the owner an opportunity to discuss the matter in person, will recommend the owner  be fined in accordance with a fine schedule found on the Website.

The Committee encourages all resident/members to become familiar with VCA rules and to contact the Committee or VCA staff if questions concerning compliance arise. Early contacts usually make the resolution of a problem much easier for all involved.