Vistoso Community Association Association Volunteering = Low Assessments for You!

Volunteering for Vistoso Community Association (VCA) may not result in a paycheck, but giving a few hours a month to your Association will help keep your annual assessment low, with results in a more efficiently operated/managed community and can even lend to the appreciation of your property.
The above claims may seem like an exaggeration but they are true statements. You may wonder how I, Bob Mariani, can make these claims. Well, it’s based on 40 years of experience managing homeowners’ associations, mostly large-scale such as Sun City and Sun Lakes. What I consistently found during my past career is that communities with a large, active volunteer network were much more efficiently and economically operated.
Any of your valuable time and/or expertise you offer to the Association will help improve management/operations and may result in the implementation of cost savings projects. For example, one volunteer in a community I managed had a background in solar. With his help and the assistance of other volunteers, a huge solar project was developed, approved and installed. The project is now saving this community thousands of dollars every month. This example of a successful project made possible through volunteerism is only one of many examples I could write about.
The fact is that if we, the property owners in VCA, had to pay for the time and expertise provided by our current volunteers, our assessments would be much higher. Additional volunteer time and expertise will ultimately provide the resources for a more well run association. Giving a little of you to VCA is also giving to yourself. So, please consider stepping up to help assure that our community is the best that it can be for all of us. A Volunteer Application Form is available on VCA’s website:, or contacting the VCA site office at 520 354-2729.