Master Association and Sub-Associations

What do these terms mean?

The terms “Master Association” and “Sub-Association” often cause confusion. Since it’s important for homeowners of the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) to understand how these entities interact, let’s review a brief explanation.

First, let’s start with an understanding that Rancho Vistoso is a large planned community (planned area development) that is comprised of a variety of residential and commercial neighborhoods/developments. This master plan provides for an organized development of our community of approximately 6,500 homes, and a variety of common area amenities plus commercial developments.

In order to offer benefits to homeowners and ongoing oversight of our planned community, a Master Association, the VCA was created. Every homeowner who owns property in the VCA is a member of the VCA Master Association.  Members enjoy the benefits of, and are responsible to comply with the Governing Documents: Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions), Bylaws, Design Guidelines, Rules and Policies…all documents can be viewed at here.

The VCA currently maintains 10 Vistoso Community Parks, five monuments, miles of hiking trails, roadsides, medians and all other common area landscaping that falls under the purview of the VCA Master.  The Quarterly Master Assessment of $80 per quarter covers the expenses and reserves for the Master.

In addition to the Master Association, there are currently 21 gated Sub-Associations within the Master Association. If you own a home in one of these Sub-Associations, you are a member of both your Homeowner Association (HOA) and the Master.  This means you’re able to enjoy both the exclusive use of facilities/amenities in the Master association and your HOA as well as responsible for a second set of assessments to pay for these facilities/amenities.  In turn, you are required to comply with the HOA CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), architectural guidelines and other provisions, as well as those of the VCA Master Association. If there is a conflict between the documents, the general guidelines outlined in the Master Governing documents will prevail; provided that, in the event the Sub-Association has established a more restrictive covenant/architectural guideline/provision, the more restrictive shall apply.

If you have further questions on the many facets of the Master, or the Master and your Sub Association, please do not hesitate to contact the VCA onsite office at 520 354-2729.