Board Meeting Highlights & Activities

July 29, 2021

Electronic Quarterly Dues Payments

Board consensus is to promote a community-wide effort encouraging homeowners to pay quarterly dues electronically. It would save the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) approximately $3,500 dollars in quarterly mailing costs from sending out hard copy billing statements.

Integrated Pest Program

The Board voted to accept a comprehensive program to eradicate invasive plant species – e.g., Buffelgrass – existing within the VCA boundaries. The contracted program begins immediately and extends into 2022.

Tennis Court Entry Cards

74 Entry cards to the Hohokam tennis courts have been issued to date. Access to the courts is only permitted by using the fob card. The entry cards can be obtained by contacting the VCA site office at 945 W Vistoso Highlands Drive, Oro Valley or calling 520 354-2729.

School Supply Donation Drive

The Board unanimously approved an effort to support a school supply donation drive for Painted Sky Elementary and Innovation Academy Teachers located within Vistoso Community Association. The donation timeframe will begin August 9 thru August 20.  School supplies can be dropped off between the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM at the VCA site office located at 945 W Vistoso Highlands Drive, Oro Valley, AZ or contact the site office directly at 520 354-2729 for donation related questions. To view a list of recommended school supplies provided by school staff click HERE

Landscape Upgrade Removal

The Board approved funding on five proposals to replace or remove unsafe plantings along major street medians, plantings undermining common wall integrity, and existing dead plantings in common areas within VCA.