Preserve Vistoso Update

As many of you know, Preserve Vistoso was founded in February 2019 to ensure the preservation of the Vistoso Property, a 202-acre parcel of land zoned recreational and a six acre parcel zoned high-density residential in northern Oro Valley. Approximately 1,800 VCA members have joined Preserve Vistoso and support our goal of converting the closed Vistoso Golf Club into a Nature Preserve and Trail for the community.

In 2020 The Conservation Fund, a national conservation non-profit worked with Preserve Vistoso to make our goal a reality. However, Romspen, a $3 billion Canadian non-bank mortgage lender, which owns the property, rejected a fair market value cash offer from The Conservation Fund (TCF).

Recently Romspen ordered another appraisal of the property, which should be available sometime in August. With the support of The Conservation Fund and the Town of Oro Valley we hope to achieve our goal to preserve this recreational asset for the community.

Preserve Vistoso prepared a fact sheet about the continuing effort of TCF to purchase the property: