Board Meeting Highlights & Activities

December 9th, 2021

Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Board Election

Residents will receive mailers next week announcing the upcoming Association Board election and requesting home or lot owners to be elected for a two year term on the Board of Directors. The mailers will provide details on the number of Board seats to be filled and how to apply to be a Board candidate.

VCA Approved 2022 Budget

The Board has sent mailers to VCA homeowners noting that the assessment ($80.00/qtr.) for the Master Association will not be increased in 2022. The mailing included a complete copy of the 2022 budget.

VCA Board Approved Capital Improvements

In 2022, the Board approved capital improvements to seal coat parking areas in several VCA parks. Also, fresh painting will continue in several existing park facilities, replacement of dated park irrigation lines will be done, refurbishing the surface of the Sunset Park basketball court, and repair of the erosion damage occurring in Sunset Park.

Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Over-Head Lighting Update

The Contractor’s first visit revealed that Southwest Gas and the contractor installing the intersection lights at ArrowSmith Avenue turned off the electrical breakers, and did not turn them back on once their work was completed. The Contractor did find several over-head lights with wiring issues and repaired them. The Association’s Property Management is waiting on a final count of lights still out and recommendations from the electrical engineer to address remaining issues.

Park Playground Equipment Update

The Third Degree Recreation Company has finished installation of the playground equipment at Hohokam Park. Originally, sections of playground equipment were received damaged and had to be returned. The replacement parts for Monticello and Sunset Ridge Parks have not been received to date.

Preserve Vistoso Update

Preserve Vistoso Board President, Gale Mateer, announced the fundraising efforts to reach $1.8 million have been completed, and the goal was completed in 39 days. The Conservation Fund (TCF) Director is currently converting pledges to donations. Some donors have split their donations into the next year for tax purposes. The TCF is aware of this split donation process and will be able to cover outstanding donations at the closing date of December 30, 2021. The 6.5 acres, adjacent to the 202 acres, has been sold to a Developer, which will be announced at the December 30 closing.

Document Shredding Event – November 12

The shredding event went to 12 PM and seemed to be a success. If it is found, the community wishes to do this again next year, the VCA will need to find a new location because the present VCA office location will be sold effective December 30.