Call for Standing Committee Candidates

In preparation for 2022, the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Board of Directors are looking for volunteers to help them influence the direction of the community, by involvement in the (VCA)’s various committees. Please consider becoming a committee member, or continuing to be a member, by completing the VCA Volunteer Application. The application form can found HERE.

The basic requirement for committee membership is being a resident homeowner in good standing, and the applicant must agree to use good business and personal judgment in their role as a committee member. Committee members are also obligated to be familiar with the VCA governing documents. Members are not compensated for their time and effort. 
The current VCA committees seeking volunteers are:

  • Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee
  • Parks & Landscape Committee(Common Area and Amenities)
  • Communications Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Governing Documents Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nomination Committee
  • Ad Hoc – Special Projects

Questions on volunteering can be directed to [email protected], or 520-354-2729.  We look forward to your participation in your master association, Vistoso Community Association.