Your Vote, Your Voice

The Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) election to fill open positions on the Board of Directors is in full swing. The 2022 Nominating Committee, composed of community Members appointed by the Board, has been at work since mid-December to prepare for this year’s election.

Nine community Members have stepped forward to apply for a position on the Board of Directors. A position on the VCA Board requires knowledge, skills and abilities through experience on other Boards, business, education, or other; Board Members provide significant time and effort to carry out these duties with which we entrust them. Additionally, Board Members are delegated significant budgetary responsibility for the community. For Vistoso Community Association budget information (Click Here).

Vistoso Community Association Member packets were mailed, and voting opened at 9AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) on 02-25-22; voting concludes on 03-18-2022 at 7:00 PM, MST. Online voting is the preferred way to cast your vote.  For all dates pertinent to this year’s election (Click Here).

Included in this year’s election will be a ballot regarding the Resolution for Revenue Ruling 70-604, which will be explained briefly on the Ballot. Please also complete this part when you cast your Ballot.

We are fortunate to have a robust slate of candidates for this year’s Board of Directors’ election. Your vote is your voice in this important election!