Backwashing Pools

Did You Know?

Backwashing pool filters is regulated by Arizona State law… That’s correct, State law requires that pool filters must be backwashed into the public sewer system or onto your property. Backwashing pool filters into the street, your neighbor’s property or especially into a wash area, is a clear violation of State law and is enforced by the Town of Oro Valley Stormwater Utility Department.
This article was prompted by a few issues that have arisen recently, but the primary issue is that permanent lines that allow backwashed water into wash areas and on streets have been noticed. If you have such a line, it is highly advisable that you remove that line immediately to avoid action by the Town that can include punitive damages such as fines.
Keep in mind that properly backwashing your pool filter not only complies with the law and avoids action by the Town but water backwashed into the sewer system is beneficial to the community as it adds to the volume of treated effluent that is turned into reclaimed water for use on landscaping.
If you have questions regarding specific requirements regarding backwashing pool filters and/or where to properly backwash your pool filter or drain your pool, please contact the Town of Oro Valley Stormwater Utility Department at 520-229-4850 or [email protected]