Hello Vistoso Community Association Members!

My name is Gayle Lopez and it is my pleasure to serve as your president.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little about myself and the direction of our community.

My husband Bill and I purchased our first home in the Vistoso Hills neighborhood in 2006.  We are both from the Chicago area and upon retirement in 2018 it became apparent we needed more space for friends and family to visit.  In 2021, we moved into our current home in the neighborhood of Honey Bee Ridge. 

Your Board of Directors plans to focus on the following areas:

  1. Attention to Infrastructure – Portions of our community are approaching 30 years old and need attention.  For example, large drainage mitigation projects are needed, as well as repairing the street lights on Rancho Vistoso Boulevard.  Careful financial planning and management is necessary to address our aging community.  Also, our Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) contain language that is obsolete, confusing, and no longer relevant.  Updating them will require 75% approval by members. 
  2. Increased Transparency – The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) board can and will share more information with community members.  Committee reports and other non-confidential information will be sent to the community along with the monthly meeting agenda so that they can be better prepared to participate in board meetings.
  3. Inclusive Decision Making – The VCA board is here to serve its members.  The “Homeowner Forum” portion of the board meeting has been moved up closer to the beginning of the agenda, so that board members can hear from members of our community before any decisions are made. 
  4. Create a Sense of CommunityDefinition:  A feeling that members have of belonging, that members matter to one another, and they share a faith that members’ needs will be met through commitments of other members.  Some places I have lived there was that “sense of community” and other places not.  I find places that do, are more enjoyable places to live. I want to help Rancho Vistoso build a stronger sense of community.  I was fortunate to meet some of you at the “Spring Into Summer Community Event”, on Saturday, April 30th.  I hope to meet more of you at other events throughout the year. Do you have any ideas on how to build a stronger sense of community?  If so, please share them by emailing askvca@ranchovistosohoa.com

A volunteer organization is only as strong as its volunteers.  We have a great team of board members, committee members, and staff.  Please consider sharing your time and talents helping make Rancho Vistoso an even greater place to live. 

Gayle Lopez