Meet Your Neighbor – Karen Kreider

Caryn Hill
Siena Neighborhood

Karen Kreider and her husband Bill Crounse

Meet Karen Kreider – Ridgeview at Vistoso Trails

If you’re a Disney fan (and who doesn’t love Lady and the Tramp), then meeting Karen Kreider is a special treat. Karen worked at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA for 31 years, starting back when Disney was one of the smallest studios in Hollywood. Everyone referred to its founder as just “Walt” and all the executives preferred to be on a first-name basis. Karen started in the publishing division at Disney as an author and editor and moved on to become an online writer and producer, ending up as a Product Safety Engineer. Combing through hand-painted animation cells drawn as far back as 1937, Karen created some of the images used in coffee table books, her first being Encyclopedia of Walt Disney’s Animated Characters. Karen also authored numerous adaptions of Disney favorite animated films for Little Golden Books, Miniature Storybooks and Comic Books such as Aladdin, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast.

Once Karen and her husband Bill Crounse retired and their daughter had moved out of the house, it was time for them to consider relocating. Bill’s brother had been living in Stone Canyon since 2015 and Karen and Bill visited every year. With her brother-in-law’s encouragement, Karen and Bill started looking in Oro Valley and in 2019 settled on purchasing a brand new home in Ridgeview at Vistoso Trails. Although they looked in other Tucson areas, they were drawn to the beauty and loveliness of this community.

Karen hasn’t wasted any time getting to know her new community. Currently Karen is HOA President at Ridgeview and is on the board of The Oro Valley Theatre Company (Karen has an MFA from NYU in theatre.). The Oro Valley Theatre’s next play, Deathtrap, will begin November 9 at the Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley. Karen’s other hobbies include tap dancing, choir singing and yoga. She encourages everyone to check out the upcoming shows at

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