Did You Know – May 2023

Dan Sturmon
VCA Vice-President

  • Members planning a new project to the exterior of their home should consult the Architectural and Landscaping Review Guidelines regarding permitted changes, submit an Architectural and Landscaping Change Form, and have VCA approval before starting the project.
  • There are two ways members can more easily find what you are looking for in the updated Architectural and Landscaping Review Guidelines.
    1. Refer to the index of subjects by page number.
    2. The Guidelines are a searchable PDF Document. Open the entire PDF on your computer and then use CTRL+F keys (Command+F if using Apple iOS) to search for key words. Type the word you are searching for in the bottom left dialog box.
  • Members may download the Permitted Plant List and take it with them to their nursery or share it with their gardener/landscaper before purchasing and planting.
  • Side yards are defined as portions of the backyard, inside the privacy walls, on the sides of the house. Areas on the side of the house outside of the privacy walls are considered part of the front yard. Irregular and corner lots may have exceptions that will be considered on a case-by-case basis. [See page 4 of the guidelines]
  • Visible party lighting strung in the back yard on porches, patios, eaves, etc. is prohibited, unless being used for a single event or applicable holiday lighting. [See page 13 of the guidelines]