2020 VCA Election

PDF VERSION OF THE 2020 VCA ELECTION POWERPOINT PRESENTATION  You may view the Annual Meeting presentation by clicking here to open the full pdf version. If you are unable to open this attachment, it may be because you don’t have a pdf reader on your computer. You can click on this link https://get.adobe.com/reader/ to take you to the Adobe website to download it.

VISTOSO COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION FINANCIALS To review the 2019 Vistoso Community Association Consolidated Balance Sheet, click here. To review the 2019 Statement of Revenues & Expenses, click here.

ELECTION RESULTS All board members are Volunteers. A special thank you to all of the candidates that cared to make a difference in the community by running for a board seat.   Please join a committee!    For elections results, please click here for the results.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS The entire VCA Board will elect officers immediately after the business meeting is adjourned. Feel free to stay on the conference call to hear the procedure and the results. Please click here for the results.

APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES If you have been thinking about volunteering on a committee, now is the perfect time to fill out a application. Committees will be appointed during the regular board meeting in April. If you have any questions, feel free to visit a committee meeting (for the short term, you can listen via a teleconference.) Please contact VCA staff to obtain the phone number used during the meetings. Visitors are encouraged to attend, but please remember that this is a business meeting. The Chair of each committee will determine if comments from visitors are appropriate as time allows. Please click here for the application – you can print it off after filling it out or save it and email it to Colleen.Holland@fsresidential.com.