Vistoso Golf Proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning

Case #: 2001084

Case Type: General Plan Amendment and Rezoning

Property Area: 200 acres +/-

Update (10.06.2020): At the request of the property owner, the Vistoso Golf Type 1 General Plan amendment has been removedfrom the review and public hearing cycle for this calendar year. The property owner anticipates re-application next year. 

Romspen Withdraws its General Plan Amendment But Anticipates Re-application in 2021

October 6, 2020 – Preserve Vistoso was just notified by the Town of Oro Valley that Romspen requested its General Plan Amendment and zoning changes be removed from review and public hearings for 2020. Romspen said it anticipates re-application next year (2021).

Preserve Vistoso Board and members are extremely disappointed that Romspen failed to accept a cash, fair market value offer from The Conservation Fund (TCF) for the purchase of the former Vistoso Golf Course. Romspen failed to understand the commitment this community has to save the property as a Nature Preserve and Community Trail. We made our voices heard with the Town of Oro Valley in 2020 and we will do the same in 2021.

Preserve Vistoso intends to continue our outreach and grow our membership. We will be even stronger when Romspen applies again for a General Plan Amendment in 2021.

The Preserve Vistoso Board will continue to inform you about our efforts to make sure our community has a voice in what happens to the former golf course. We welcome ideas and comments on how we can work together to stop Romspen from building hundreds of homes and condos on land reserved for recreation. We aren’t about to stop our efforts.  

Thanks for your support. We will continue to keep you informed.

Oro Valley Podcast Interviews Mike Ford, TCF

If you would like to hear more about TCF and its attempt to purchase the Vistoso Property, please check out Jim Horn’s Oro Valley Podcast interview with Mike Ford, TCF Southwest Director, which you can access here.  

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