Get to know your Committees: Architectural Landscape Review!

The Architectural Landscape Review Committee (ALRC) has been a functioning and well-established committee since 1985, the early days of Rancho Vistoso.  The ALRC is required to oversee the residential and commercial development of properties relating to architecture and landscaping within the Vistoso Community Association (VCA).   The committee’s basic efforts have been to monitor construction developments as prescribed in the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

A major effort in 2020 was to upgrade and expedite the review process for residents submitting requests to renovate or modify exterior residential and commercial properties.  The committee, with the support of First Residential Service staff, processed over 1,000 submittals that sought to make improvements throughout the gated and non-gated residential communities as well as commercial properties.  The committee also extended efforts to modernize and renovate common area facilities under VCA jurisdiction with an emphasis on water conservation, electrical efficiency and resolving costly and persistent drainage sediment issues.

The 2021 goal of the Architectural Landscape Review Committee will be to publish updated Design Guideline document that will be more in step with Oro Valley town codes and Arizona State/Federal statutes.   This updating will provide more effective guidance for the existing sub-associations, commercial (businesses) and proposed residential developments ongoing in the VCA as well as homeowners who seek information on approved landscaping components.