Committees: An Opportunity to benefit VCA and Yourself

Last month our newsletter included an article that outlined how volunteering for Vistoso Community Association benefits both the Association and the volunteer by creating a more efficient operation and by reducing cost to us. If that article got you thinking about assisting VCA now or in the future, participation in a committee can be one of the best ways to help out. To have a better idea of our committees’ purposes, a summary of what each committee does is outlined for you below.
Architectural/Landscape Review Committee (ALRC): Most committees are advisory to the Board. However, the ALRC is a bit different in that it reviews and has the authority to approve or disapprove architectural and landscape plans that are required for our properties.
Compliance Committee: The Compliance Committee is very important in that it greatly assists the VCA staff to maintain a pleasant and desirable community. Its main task is to review alleged violations of our governing documents and determine if they are valid.
Financial Review Committee: This committee is critical for sound financial operation of VCA and acts as a check and balance by reviewing the monthly financial statements and recommending an annual budget to the Board. You don’t need to be an accountant to serve on this committee yet it helps to have a basic understanding of budgets and financial statements.
Communication Committee: Thorough, transparent communication to the Membership is essential for any homeowners’ association and that is exactly what this committee is tasked with. The committee’s main duty is to prepare and review documents such as this newsletter that are sent to our residents.
Annual Nominating Committee: Although a short-term appointment, this is a very important committee as it manages the Board of Directors election process.
Governing Documents/CC&Rs/Bylaws Update Committee: As you may know our CC&Rs are very outdated and difficult to read/understand. Although this committee is tasked with reviewing and recommending updates to all of our governing documents, its main focus now is to update the CC&Rs especially as it conflicts with current law and to accomplish the challenging task of encouraging at least 75% of our members to approve amending the CC&Rs.
AD Hoc Committees: Ad hoc committees are formed to deal with special issues that arise. Once the committee accomplishes its task, the committee is retired. These committees offer a fantastic opportunity to be involved in an issue you are interested in for a limited period of time.
For more detailed information on the committees and/or to submit an application for a committee contact the VCA office at 520 354-2729, or click HERE.