Did you know – Your Sub-Association has Board Election Procedures

As a Vistoso Community Association Member (VCA), you’ve very likely seen information online and/or in the mail about the VCA Board elections. The VCA has to follow step-by-step procedures to complete these elections. In addition to these elections, every sub-association also has board elections and election procedures that must be adhered to as outlined in the sub-association’s respective bylaws. Let’s take a look at some of the typical procedures the sub-association boards and members should be using and that you should be made aware of.

One important procedural requirement that is usually included in an association’s bylaws is the appointment of the nomination committee. Homeowner Associations (HOA) bylaws state that the Board is to appoint a nominating committee at least 45 days prior to the board election and it states who is to serve on the committee. In addition to the appointment of a nominating committee, your bylaws will probably indicate when the board will be elected (usually at the annual meeting of the membership), who may cast a ballot, who should count the ballots, how many board members will be elected and for what terms plus much more.
The important point of this message is that the VCA and every sub-association should follow its bylaws and carry out board elections as required by the association’s bylaws. If you’re a board member, review your bylaws to assure you’re following the proper procedures. If you’re a member of a sub-association, take a look at your bylaws and encourage your board to follow proper board election procedures if that has not taken place. Following these procedures in a completely transparent manner will go a long way to build trust in a board of directors and can encourage participation by the membership.