Local Water Conservation Efforts

The statewide drought status has become a major item for both county and local communities, encouraging them to take steps to conserve water where possible. Some water conservation efforts may appear minor, but the cumulative effect within a planned area development could prove significant to address limiting water consumption requested by county and city authorities. To understand Arizona’s short and long term drought status, please click on the following link:https://new.azwater.gov/drought/drought-status. 

Read what the Town of Oro Valley and a well known commercial landscape company have implemented this year to help reduce water consumption. 

Oro Valley – Amended Water Conservation Code – Article 15-18

The Oro Valley Town Council amended this year its water code to respond to the drought conditions facing the State of Arizona. In a recent presentation to the Town Council, revealed that the ongoing statewide drought may eventually force the Tucson area to deal with declining water availability going forward. In anticipation of such an occurrence, Oro Valley proceeded to amend the Water Conservation Code (Article 15-18). The amended Declaration of Policy states: “It is hereby declared that, because of the water shortage conditions experienced in the Town of Oro Valley, the general welfare requires that all the water resources available to the Town be put to the maximum beneficial use to the extent to which they are capable, and that waste, excessive use, or unreasonable method of use of water be prevented, and that conservation of water be exercised in the interests of the Town of Oro Valley and for the public welfare.”

At this time, the Town of Oro Valley encourages its water users to conserve water voluntarily because of the arid conditions present in the area, and promote an existing (WaterSmart) program to encourage customers to minimize water usage and to utilize water more efficiently. The Town of Oro Valley provides both water audits that are free and offers technical assistance services to residents, HOAs, and commercial customers to help conserve water at their home or business. Water use is evaluated both indoors and outdoors. To learn more about the water conservation services click: https://www.orovalleyaz.gov/Government/Departments/Water-Utility/Water-Conservation, or call conservation at 520-229-5024.

Local Landscape Company – Water Conservation Effort

This year the AAA Landscape Company requested their Homeowner Associations and residential clients to consider not over seeding their turf areas primarily for the lack of rye grass seed availability, but also emphasizing water conservation benefitting the community as a whole.  In their request to clients, AAA stressed “that shifting the available water specifically towards maintaining healthy (summer) Bermuda alone is likely to become the new normal for our landscapes.” AAA also noted that clients might consider options like reducing their turf areas, using artificial turf or turf colorant applications, which means a significant reduction in water consumption with normal over seeding practices.