Design Guidelines – Sheds

Like so many of us, have you run out of room in your house and garage for equipment or items you need to store? If the answer is yes, a shed may be the perfect solution to your storage dilemma. Before installing a shed in your backyard, here’s some sound advice.
Your first step before installing a permanent or portable shed is to submit an application to the Vistoso Community Association which is a simple process. Guidance regarding application submittal and shed guidelines are easily available on the Association’s website. The Common Projects Design Guidelines can be found HERE.
The application procedures are on page 7 and the shed guidelines are outlined in Section 5. Structural Additions. You’ll find the application procedures to be simple and the shed guidelines to be reasonable. There are a few guidelines regarding issues such as material and color yet the two guidelines that seem to generate neighbor complaints if not followed are in regard to the height and placement of sheds. Simply put sheds can’t be visible to neighboring properties, streets or common areas and they need to be placed so that there are proper setbacks for safety reasons and to comply with Oro Valley standards.
Hopefully you’ve found the above information to be helpful. If/when you install a shed, have your shed approved by the Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee to assure you’ll have a structure that complies and that you will keep both yourself and your neighbors happy.