Association Ballot Processing and Procedures

The goal of the 2022 Board of Directors election is to encourage electronic voting to maximize the tallying process for the Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) electronic voting (IVOTE) vendor. Electronic voting is easy, convenient, completely self-service and confidential, but if a property owner/member has questions or requires additional support, the VCA management staff is available to provide personal and confidential assistance.

You will receive a letter and email that will provide instructions for how to cast your vote during the February 25 – March 18, 2022 election period. These communications will discuss the three ways you can submit your vote and be assured it has been properly tallied: on-line/electronically using IVOTE, US mail, or hand delivery to the VCA onsite office at 945 W. Vistoso Highlands Drive. Regardless of the mode used, only VCA onsite FirstService Residential staff are authorized to assist you with your voting efforts or handle ballots.
When you choose to vote electronically using your own device, you will receive a confirmation email from the IVOTE system upon successfully completing your input. If you would like to vote electronically but would like additional support, a computer will be available for your use at the VCA community office between 10 AM and 2 PM each weekday during the election period. If requested, a VCA staff member will provide you with additional assistance as needed to support your efforts to vote electronically.

If you choose to return your completed ballot by US mail, it will be scanned and recorded into the IVOTE system by a VCA staff member on the same day it is received. As part of the scanning entry process, the staff member will document the date and time the IVOTE entry is completed along with their signature, scan the paper ballot to record an electronic version of it in the VCA database, and retain the original hardcopy on file. If you provide an email address in your mailing, you will receive an email from the VCA staff member confirming that your ballot was received and recorded.

Residents that prefer to hand-deliver their ballot to the VCA office are asked to drop it in the on-site ballot box on a weekday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Each day at 2 PM a VCA staff member will collect the hand-delivered ballots and enter each into the IVOTE system using the same process as for mailed ballots.

Finally, please remember that per the VCA governing documents, VCA members who are homeowners are provided and allowed to submit only one ballot for each property that they own. Per the VCA ByLaws, Section 2.3, in the event more than one person casts or attempts to cast a vote for a particular lot or parcel, all votes shall be deemed void.

If you have any questions about voting or voting electronically (online), feel free to contact FSR staff at (520) 354-2729.
Please VOTE!