Goal: Best Assure all VCA Members Vote

Whether it’s a national, state, local or VCA election, the most important aspect of an election should be to best assure that every eligible voter has an opportunity to vote for the candidate of his/her choice. The VCA Board and Management makes every effort to assure casting your vote is as easy as possible and asks that you please vote for your favorite candidates.

One issue that can derail all that’s done to make casting VCA members’ votes in the upcoming Board election as simple and easy as possible is unpaid Assessments. That’s right, according to Section 3.5 of the VCA Bylaws Suspension of Rights, the Board may suspend for the entire period during which an Assessment or special Use Fee remains delinquent the obligated Owner’s voting rights and rights to use and enjoy of the Common Areas.

As you can see the Board may and does suspend the voting rights of members whose assessments are delinquent for whatever reason. So, to assure you can cast your vote for the Board Candidate of your choice and retain your rights to use the many wonderful Common Area Facilities and Parks, please be sure your assessment payments are up to date. Thank you and we look forward to your participation in the Board election.