Did You Know

How well do you know where you live?
  1. 1. Rancho Vistoso is home to a variety of wildlife. Which of the following are true?
  1. A. There are 13 species of rattlesnakes in Arizona – all are poisonous!
  2. B. Tarantula mating season in southern Arizona is late summer and fall.
  3. C. Bears have been seen wandering local neighborhoods.
  4. D. It is legal to kill Javelinas in your yard.
  5. E. In the winter months, hummingbirds are not seen in Tucson.
  1. 2. The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) manages 10* neighborhood parks. What are some things you can do in the parks?
  • A. Play frisbee with your dog at the Hohokam enclosed dog park.
  • B. Grill some hamburgers and hot dogs at any of the 7 parks with BBQ grills.
  • C. Enjoy the scenery under covered ramadas at 6 of the parks from sunrise until 10 pm.
  • D. Play basketball at 6 of the parks.
  • E. Have a wine party at all of the parks.

A park located on Moore Loop road near the Altera and Valley Vista neighborhoods will be added to the VCA park portfolio later this year. It has a large dog park, playground area, restrooms, and ramadas currently available for use. Watch for the park naming and dedication ceremony.

  • 3. The VCA has 4 dedicated full-time First Service Residential employees. What are some of their job responsibilities?
  • A. Hire and oversee contractors for maintaining common areas.
  • B. Resolving disputes about a common wall between neighbors.
  • C. Updating the CC&Rs.
  • D. Inspecting approved exterior modifications for compliance.
  • E. Driving around neighborhoods and taking pictures to document CC&R compliance issues.
  • 4. Which of the following statements is true about the Reserve Study?
  • A. It’s an in-depth analysis of an association’s assets conducted by a third party.
  • B. It projects not only the lifespan of assets but also provides an estimate of the cost of maintenance and replacement.
  • C. The study suggested that the HOA make monthly contributions to the Reserve fund in the amount of $37,500*.
  • D. Money can be transferred back and forth between the Operating Budget and the Reserve funding.
  • E. The Reserve Study showed that as of 1/1/2021 the Reserve Fund was 76.9 % funded. This means the Reserve Fund status is strong, and special assessment risk is currently low.

Note that the contributions for the reserved fund were increased in the current budget to $58,333. This was needed to cover the late addition of a $200,000 component for the mitigation of large drainage erosion projects as well as the need to gradually increase our percent of full funding.

  • 5. What are the top three expenditures from the Reserve Study for 2022?
  • A. Repair and replacement of irrigation systems.
  • B. Replenishment of landscape granite.
  • C. Drainage mitigation and repair.
  • D. Extermination
  • E. Repainting the tennis courts.


1) A, b, and c are true. A good source for information about local wildlife is https://www.azgfd.com/wildlife/livingwith/. For rattlesnake removal call the Golder Ranch Fire District office at 520-825-9001. Recently several Rancho Vistoso neighbors have posted pictures of bears in their yards on Facebook! If you see one in your neighborhood, call the local Arizona Game and Fish Department at (520) 628-5376.

D and e are false. In Arizona, javelinas are classified as big-game animals and are protected by state law. To scare off Javelinas, try making loud noises and spraying water from a garden hose. If they continue to be a problem you can contact the local Arizona Game and Fish Department at (520) 628-5376. There are 13 species of hummingbirds in Tucson; see this article for some excellent information – https://thisistucson.com/summerguide/7-things-to-know-about-hummingbirds-tucsons-fiercest-fastest-residents/article_2eb6459e-c2f1-11ea-a7a2-eb0e73904beb.html

2) You can enjoy all the above activities except e. Alcohol is not permitted at any of the parks. All dogs must be on leashes unless in one of the enclosed dog parks. All parks are open from sunrise until 10 pm. More information on the parks can be found here – https://ranchovistosohoa.com/community/rec-areas/

3) A, d, and e are true. Answers b and c are false. A common wall between neighbors is usually not considered part of the VCA, and therefore the VCA does not get involved in such disputes. The CC&Rs can only be modified or updated with a vote of 75% of the total VCA membership. The four employees are:
• Barbara Daoust, GM
• Priscilla Harris, Asst Community Mgr
• Joe Watson, Compliance Coordinator
• Administrative Assistant (Open Position)

4) A, b, c, and e are true. Answer d is false. The monthly contributions the board makes to the Reserve Fund must be used to maintain and replace VCA assets and cannot be transferred to any other fund. You can find the reserve study documents here – https://ranchovistosohoa.com/resident-information/reserve-studies/

5) A, b, and c are true. Costs for irrigation repair/replacement ~ $342,000, landscape granite replenishment ~ $300,000, and drainage mitigation/repair ~ $200,000. Answers d and e are false. Extermination is an operating expense and not part of the reserve funds. Although some tennis courts will be repainted this year, the cost does not rise into the top three.