March 2022 Email Newsletter

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Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Overhead Lighting Study – Update

Monrad Engineering Company presented a report at the February 16 General Board session on existing lighting conditions and considerations for the Board of Directors to evaluate and move forward on the study. Inspection of the circuit breaker boxes and ground level pull boxes found an array of mechanical/electrical problems as well as rodent infestation and most boxes packed with dirt. The inspection found 17 nonfunctional lights throughout the line. Monrad noted the current induction lighting is old technology, creating poor beam control and pronounced glare. The Board directed Monrad Engineering to address the current failed fixtures, plus clean out the boxes and upgrade the cabling to those pull boxes. In addition, Board approved to develop a photometric computer model that identifies the best LED lighting fixture and set up a 20 light demonstration project for residents to evaluate.

31 FREE Events in Tucson through March 

The weather is beautiful in Tucson this time of year. Warm days, and cool nights bring people outside to enjoy the day. Save your money and entertain your family and friends with free activities through March. Check out open-air events, art shows, car shows and more free events happening in the Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and Sahuarita areas.

To view the list of events click HERE.

Call for Standing Committee Candidates

In preparation for 2022, the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Board of Directors are looking for volunteers to help them influence the direction of the community, by involvement in the (VCA)’s various committees. Please consider becoming a committee member, or continuing to be a member, by completing the VCA Volunteer Application. The application form can found HERE.

The basic requirement for committee membership is being a resident homeowner in good standing, and the applicant must agree to use good business and personal judgment in their role as a committee member. Committee members are also obligated to be familiar with the VCA governing documents. Members are not compensated for their time and effort.

The current VCA committees seeking volunteers are:

  • Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee
  • Parks & Landscape Committee(Common Area and Amenities)
  • Communications Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Governing Documents Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Ad Hoc – Special Projects

Quesitons on volunteering can be directed to , or 520-354-2729. We look forward to your participation in your master association, Vistoso Community Association.

Your Vote, Your Voice

The Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) election to fill open positions on the Board of Directors is in full swing. The 2022 Nominating Committee, composed of community Members appointed by the Board, has been at work since mid-December to prepare for this year’s election.

Nine community Members have stepped forward to apply for a position on the Board of Directors. A position on the VCA Board requires knowledge, skills and abilities through experience on other Boards, business, education, or other; Board Members provide significant time and effort to carry out these duties with which we entrust them. Additionally, Board Members are delegated significant budgetary responsibility for the community. For Vistoso Community Association budget information (Click Here).

Vistoso Community Association Member packets were mailed, and voting opened at 9AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) on 02-25-22; voting concludes on 03-18-2022 at 7:00 PM, MST. Online voting is the preferred way to cast your vote.  For all dates pertinent to this year’s election (Click Here).

Included in this year’s election will be a ballot regarding the Resolution for Revenue Ruling 70-604, which will be explained briefly on the Ballot. Please also complete this part when you cast your Ballot.

We are fortunate to have a robust slate of candidates for this year’s Board of Directors’ election. Your vote is your voice in this important election!

Did You Know

You may wonder why you’re paying your VCA assessment every quarter. This article won’t outline all of the expense areas of the Association, but one substantial expense that our assessments pay for is landscape maintenance. On one hand, we as members of VCA are very fortunate to have eleven fantastic parks we can enjoy and numerous acres of landscaped common areas that beautify our community and enhance our property values.

On the other hand, our excellent parks with a wide array of recreational amenities and other common areas require constant maintenance that is paid for by our assessments. You may ask what this maintenance entails. If a complete list of landscape duties performed by our contracted maintenance firm AAA Landscaping were to be included in the article, it would likely be too lengthy for our newsletter, but let’s look at just a few maintenance responsibilities for which our assessments pay.

Some obvious tasks that you may have noticed are mowing and trimming the park grass, tree and shrub trimming and cleaning the parks and other common areas. Other tasks performed that may be less obvious are things such as irrigation maintenance and repair, plant and turf fertilization, pesticide and fungicide treatment, plant/tree removal and installation, drainage maintenance, park trash removal and grass over-seeding.

As previously noted, the above list of landscape tasks is condensed yet you may be able to tell that just from reviewing those tasks needed to maintain our parks and common areas, the cost is substantial. Although a good part of our VCA assessment is necessarily allocated for landscape maintenance, the distinct probability is the enjoyment we receive, and the property value enhancement created by our parks and common areas more than offset the cost of maintenance.

Update on Vistoso Nature Preserve from The Conservation Fund

Former Vistoso Golf Course Acquisition Complete

Thanks to the generous contributions of over 600 individuals in the community, over $1.8 million dollars was raised, and the negotiation and successful acquisition of the former Vistoso Golf Course is now complete. Last week, prior to closing, we met with Town of Oro Valley officials and discussed an interim management plan to address immediate life safety and ADA issues.  The Conservation Fund made an initial financial commitment towards beginning that work in close coordination with the Town.

Before starting we want to have a cogent and consistent plan and focus on the issues of highest priority.  Fire and public safety issues are the immediate priority and creating a clear, consistent, and sustainable buffer behind the homes that border the property, and along established paths, is at the top of the list. We have a follow up meeting with the Town on Thu 2/24 to discuss next steps.

During the interim ownership period The Conservation Fund will be managing the property as if it is part of the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department. The guidelines for interim management will be virtually identical to other property under current ownership by the Town.  As such, we are advising all residents and visitors that no work is allowed or authorized on the property without first obtaining concurrence from the Town or The Conservation Fund. However, the property is open for visitor use and enjoyment.

We sincerely appreciate the concern and work some residents have performed previously and we don’t want to discourage anyone from volunteering to assist in the future.  The Town will welcome community involvement and volunteer participation but before any further work is advanced there needs to be a cogent and consistent plan that aligns with long-term management of the property as an open space and natural area. We will remain actively involved and all future actions will be coordinated directly with the Town being thoughtful and deliberate about this unique property.

Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director
The Conservation Fund

March Season Landscape Tasks

The Vistoso Community Association has AAA Landscaping Company oversee all its landscape common and park areas.  AAA performs a number of landscape tasks throughout the year, and follows “To-Do” and “Don’t Do” lists each month of the year.  To learn more on what “to-do” and “don’t do” to your property landscapes in March.


Download the AAA Flyer Here.

Home Projects and Contractor Signs

Starting a new home project can be exciting, but please remind your contractors that the VCA does not allow yard signs that advertise. 

Per Common Project Design Guidelines, I. Signage
Section 4:  Specific approval conditions, exclusions:

The following signs are prohibited:
1.Home business identification signs 2.Commercial Advertising