October 2020 E-Newsletter

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Message from the Manager: Colleen Holland

Summer is fading to Fall as I write this article. The year 2020 has presented so much uncertainty to the world and the Vistoso Community Association at large; leaving many people to wonder, what comes next?  One thing staff and the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Board is sure of is that the Common Area Wall painting project-Phase I is moving right along as scheduled!

Common Wall Painting

In early August 2020, Facelift Painting, the contractor selected, started this painting project and thus far has completed: Monticello, Cortona, Stonefield and the Somerset Canyon neighborhoods. As we move into October, they will be finishing Bella Vista and then begin to move through Stone Terrace, Maravilla, and Las Colinas, finishing with St. Andrews I & II. 

Facelift staff are scheduled to be in the community painting specified neighborhood common walls, facing many major roads, through October 2020. Please travel with care and note that all Facelift vehicles will be marked with signage. Facelift staff will be uniformed with white painters’ pants and Facelift shirts.

VCA Paint Palette for Residents

As we enhance the VCA Master Association common elements, we also encourage all homeowners to look at their own home and do the same. Some homeowners also own the walls we walk and drive by. The Master Association has a duty to maintain common areas, and homeowners have a duty to update their private property. If you need to know your original paint color or find out what colors are available, please contact the onsite office staff or visit www.ranchovistosoHOA.com for the paint palette and the forms required for all exterior changes. Wall painting color should be consistent throughout the community.

We are all in this together – Be Well, Colleen

Romspen Rejects Conservation Fund’s Fair Market Offer

Regrettably, Romspen Investments, a 3 billion dollar Toronto investment company, has rejected an offer from The Conservation Fund (TCF) to purchase the former 208-acre Vistoso Golf course property at fair market value.  Preserve Vistoso invited TCF to negotiate with Romspen Investments to purchase the property so that it would be added to the Town of Oro Valley’s public open space for all to enjoy in perpetuity.  TCF and Romspen agreed on the selection of the company to do the property appraisal to determine fair market value.  On September 30 , Romspen rejected TCF’s offer to purchase the property at fair market value.  Originally, Romspen’s development plans had included a senior care center in the heart of the Center Pointe Vistoso neighborhood as well as several hundred new homes in various locations throughout the 208-acre property.  For further details please access TCF’s  Update Notice and Preserve Vistoso’s Pulse Link

Vistoso Community Association Park Closures

VCA Park Closures
A friendly reminder that all Vistoso Community Association (VCA) parks, bathrooms, ramadas, and play structures remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The VCA Board favored keeping the parks and other amenities closed. For seasonal residents returning for the winter season, please be aware that VCA parks and amenities are closed with signs placed at park frontages designating “No Trespassing” at this time.

October Landscaping from AAA!

The AAA information for October includes planting winter lawns and planting recommendations for trees, shrubs, and vegetables. Remember the important Care Tips for this month:

  • Plant winter lawns by October 15th
  • October is the best month for planting trees and shrubs
  • Plant winter vegetables in October

Download the full color flyer and all the Tips for October HERE.


Halloween in Oro Valley

Halloween in our communities is certainly a consideration this year with COVID-10 making trick or treating a potentially unsafe option. Read more HERE.

Fall Community Yard Sale – NOT canceled, but Unique!

Vistoso Community Association Yard Sale – Saturday, October 10, 2020 (7am-2pm)

The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) schedules bi-annual community wide Yard Sales that typically occur in the Fall, October, and in the Spring, April.

In April 2020, the VCA Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring Community Yard Sale and now it is time for our Fall Community Wide Yard Sale… but, we are still in a Pandemic! Covid-19 has heightened the concern about groups gathering; however, we are empathetic to those residents and families who prepare for these bi-annual Community Wide yard sales.

In order to allow yard sales to take place the VCA Board will forgo violations for individual yard sales on Saturday, October 10, 2020 and allow those interested to conduct yard sales.

The Board cannot promote social gatherings, however, so the Yard Sale will not be sponsored by the VCA with advertising and signage this time around. The VCA Board promotes social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands or using hand sanitizer, and staying home if you feel ill.

Thank you for your patience while we all work through this Covid-19 Pandemic together!