Message from the Manager: Colleen Holland

Good Afternoon Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Homeowners and Residents:

Now is the time for over seeding the VCA park turf…

Each year the Vistoso Community Association  determines which parks need to be over seeded (reseeded from summer Bermuda grass to winter Rye grass).  This past Friday and Saturday AAA Landscape crews over seeded all Vistoso Community Association’s Park grass, except for Wildlife Ridge Park which is on sabbatical this year. 

To make the over seeding successful the sprinklers will be running multiple times during the day until the seed germinates in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, please be cognizant of the wetter and slicker than normal grass and try to avoid excessive use during the germination period.  Please pass the word to your neighbors who may be questioning all this water use during a drought. 

In addition, the AAA Landscape staff has had to repair 6 sprinkler valve heads in the past two days as a result of damage.  Should you witness any damage occurring please report it to the VCA office at 520-354-2729 or the 24/7 FirstService Customer Care Center at 855.333.5149

Thank you for your patience while we enhance your environment!

~Colleen Holland, VCA GM