VCA – Governing Documents Committee – 2020 Status of Work Efforts

The Governing Documents Committee was formed in June 2020 and authorized to oversee and guide the refinement and updating of the 35+ year old documents that are still used to manage development, maintenance, and operations in all areas within the Vistoso Community Association (VCA). The committee’s initial efforts have focused on how to organize and simplify the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which are currently very confusing and not aligned with Federal and State statutes.  This should not be surprising to anyone, as this document has remained largely unchanged since it was first drafted in 1987, and therefore does not effectively support the VCA Board, property owners or homeowner associations in their efforts to maintain their communities.

A major effort in 2020 was to assemble all tract declarations associated with each of the homeowner associations located within Rancho Vistoso.  The committee is also developing an updated set of maps, that will better identify the various property areas and types throughout the VCA, including common areas, recreational space, commercial property (businesses), homeowner associations (gated and non-gated), and future residential or commercial development.  An early 2021 goal will be presenting a draft outline to the Board of Directors suggesting the path forward to an updated CC&R document, that is easy to reference and use by any member regardless of their particular property type (Single-Family, Multi-Family or Commercial).  The current governing documents section HERE is heavily viewed, which shows our members are searching for information. 

Input from the HOA membership (this means you!) is vital because to change the documents currently requires 75% of all members to approve the revisions.  We believe the efforts to produce an updated document will effectively support the management and betterment of your community, and be easier for everyone to use and understand.  We can accomplish the goals with your interest and your support.   Feel free to participate in the monthly Zoom meetings, posted HERE. We look forward to seeing you!