February 2022 Email Newsletter

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Thank You, Sarah Nelson

The Board of Directors of Vistoso Community Association regrets to inform you that the current President, Sarah Nelson, has tendered her resignation from the Board.  As the Board and the Vistoso community, we would like to thank Sarah for her years of dedicated service and passion to ensure this beautiful community developed and prospered.  We wish Sarah all the best in her future endeavors.

At a date soon to be determined, the Board of Directors will meet in an Open Session forum to discuss the vacancy.  Announcement will be forthcoming regarding the date of the forum. 

Also, we would like to inform you that Board Candidates, Mark Owens and Jeffrey Hebb, have withdrawn their bids to hold a Director position on the Board.

PR/Communications/Marketing Skills Needed

Vistoso Community Association is planning to amend and restate the CC&R’s in 2023, a project that will require the widespread participation of residential and commercial owners in Rancho Vistoso. The Governing Documents Committee, which is spear-heading the effort, is seeking residents with public relations, communications and/or marketing skills to assist with community outreach on a volunteer basis. If you have experience in these areas and would like to help, please contact Barbara Daoust, VCA’s General Manager, at 520-354-2729 or email her at Barbara.Daoust@fsresidential.com.  

2022 Board of Directors Candidate Slate

The Vistoso Community Association is having it’s annual Board of Directors election. A slate of candidates has been directed below.

Residents will receive by mail an election packet of February 25th, allowing one to vote on the same date beginning at 9 AM (MST). All online votes and paper ballot voting closes March 18th at 7 PM (MST). The Vistoso Community Association annual Board of Directors meeting will be called to order March 24th at 6 PM (MST).

The following seats are available:
Three (3) single-family seats (two 2-year term until 2024 and one 1-year term until 2023)
One (1) other than single-family seat (1-year term until 2023)
One (1) Commercial seat (2 year term until 2024)

Joseph Affinati – Single Family

Having spent part of my youth in Tucson we decided to retire back to sunny and warm southern Arizona from Evanston Illinois. I worked as a network trouble shooter in the IS department of a 4 hospital University of Chicago associated healthcare system. I was an arbitrage trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. I also had an independent contracting company.

Currently I serve as VCA vice president, compliance chair as well as the Oro Valley Board of Adjustment.

I am very familiar with our Governing Documents / CC&R’s and abide Arizona’s Open Meeting Laws and AZ Statutes. My attendance at all Board of Directors and committee meetings is 100%.

Some of my concerns include:

  1. Rezoning and over development of our current open space.
  2. Unnecessary assessment increases.
  3. Making sure to have adequate reserves in case of any unforeseen expense.
  4. Keeping Rancho Vistoso the clean, safe and beautiful community we have all come to expect.

Doug East – Single Family

My wife and I (and my wife’s mother) are full time residents in Stone Canyon, having moved her in 2019. I had a 33-year management career with Exxon, in locations from Houston, Tx, to Alaska.

I am an avid fly fisherman and when we retired in 2002, we moved to Bozeman, Montana-a fly fisherman’s mecca. Unfortunately, I could not fish every day and it did not take long for my wife to kick me out of the house to go find something to do. I had no meaningful transferrable skills from a technical career in the oil industry, but we had moved many times over our career, buying homes and property. So, I started a second career and obtained my Montana real estate license and enjoyed several years of residential and commercial real estate and subdivision development.

In addition to my technical and management experience, other experience qualifies me for a Board position:
• I am currently serving on the Stone Canyon Design Review Committee.
• I served on the Rancho Vistoso Compliance committee.
• I have been the President of nearly every community HOA we have lived in, the most recent as the HOA President for 10 years in our community in Bozeman.
• Also in Bozeman, I was the President of the Gallatin County Board of Adjustments for 1 0 years.

I was also the President of the Gallatin County Planning Board for 1 0 years. The Board reviews and approves all new subdivision proposals once they have met the regulatory requirement.

Sheryl Forte – Single Family

I moved to the Vistoso Community in 2003 because it is a desirable place to live. I have been serving as an unpaid volunteer on Vistoso committees since 2009 and on the Board of Directors since 2016. I contribute my time and energy because I want the Vistoso community to continue to be a desirable place to live.

David Light – Single Family

My wife Catherine and I purchased our home in High Mesa/Rancho Vistoso in 2018. I have started/owned three businesses, developing financial, personnel, and risk management expertise, and retiring from newspaper and book editing/publishing. I served on the Bend, Oregon, Budget Committee and on the boards of several charitable organizations. As a past Treasurer of HOAs in Bend and High Mesa, I created their first reserve studies, managing both operating and reserve/capital fund budgets, developing a thorough understanding of reserve studies and their relationship to budgeting. I also served 3-years on the VCA Finance Committee, reviewing audits and financials, developing reserve fund budgets, drafting policies, and proactively created a tool for VCA management to track the status of capital projects.

The VCA’s capital assets are aging, careful financial management is essential. There is an opportunity to improve governance transparency, allowing members greater awareness of the board’s decision-making process and encouraging broader participation of the membership.

Gregory Spake – Single Family

Happily married to wife Jane of 36 years, have three adult sons. Professionally, a Registered Pharmacist with 30+ years of experience. My positions include managing and practicing in retail locations in Arizona and Florida. Now retired from retail I practice Pharmacy in other capacities.

Recently worked as a consultant with an international logistics company, completing a complex project. I serve as Director of Pharmacy for surgery centers in Florida and am registered as an expert witness for the legal profession. I ‘m an active member of a national disaster response team with HHS and have served in multiple international and domestic disasters, public health emergencies and National Special Security Events. I serve as a Governor-appointed Pharmacist on the State of Florida Medicaid DUR board.

Locally, I have served on our Homeowners Association Board for 20+ years, as both a board member and a three-time past President.

Barbara M. Stough – Single Family

Undergraduate degree in International Studies University of South Carolina where I met my husband.
Moved to Baltimore where he got his PHD from Johns Hopkins University and I worked as a social worker in foster care and AFDC (now TANF) and in a psychiatric hospital.

We moved to Indianapolis when my husband got a job as a professor at the University of Indiana. We spent a semester in Rotterdam Holland monitoring 30 exchange students. My sons were both in their teens. Did my first year of law school at the University. We moved to Fairfax Virginia when my husband became a professor at George Mason University where I completed law school, obtaining my law degree in 1992. I worked at Legal Aid in the Manassas office, managing it for 6 years. I went into private practice and practiced family law for 18 years before moving to Tucson in 2015.

Dan Sturmon – Single Family

I want to serve the community with my homeowner association experience and skills developed through committee participation since 2001. Prior to living in Center Pointe Vistoso since 2018, I lived in Fairfield Rancho Vistoso and Tucson National Resort and served as president of the HOA boards.

I’ve been a committee member on five (5) Vistoso Community Association (Master Association) committees – Architectural Landscape Review Committee; VCA Board Nomination/Election Committee; Governing Documents Committee; Communications Committee; and Parks & Landscape Committee.

I’m confident I can make a difference and am asking for your support. I believe being a newly elected Board member will help promote the updating of the community’s governing documents and renovation of the community’s infrastructure and landscapes to meet community needs and trends. I also advocate innovative communication strategies to keep the Rancho Vistoso community involved and informed.

Carl Buchwald – Other Than Single Family

Veteran of the U.S. Army.
Retired CFO of an international organization.
Past president of a local sporting organization involved with safe use and the protection of the outdoors.
Current member of a national organization involved with the safe use and protection of the outdoors.
Past president of a fraternal organization involved with services to members and the greater community including but not limited to a summer camp for children.
Current president of a fraternal society providing services to members and widows.
Past treasurer and president of Vistoso Hills HOA.
Owner of a home in Vistoso Hills for over nineteen years.
BBA in Public Accounting with studies in economics, finance, business law and taxation.
Married fifty-two years.

Theodore Dann – Other Than Single Family

My wife, Eve, and I have owned property in Vistoso going back 12 years. We currently own a condominium, and very much enjoy spending time in Oro Valley.

I am a retired corporate executive having served as President/CEO of a mid sized (500 employee) company in my last and final formal job.

Currently I spend time traveling, bike riding, golfing, dog walking and volunteering. One of the more important activities of retired life is the time I spend volunteering for the National Sports Center for the Disabled (based in Winter Park Colorado) as a volunteer ski instructor, horse waterer, fence fixer, etc.

Association Ballot Processing and Procedures

The goal of the 2022 Board of Directors election is to encourage electronic voting to maximize the tallying process for the Vistoso Community Association’s (VCA) electronic voting (IVOTE) vendor. Electronic voting is easy, convenient, completely self-service and confidential, but if a property owner/member has questions or requires additional support, the VCA management staff is available to provide personal and confidential assistance.

You will receive a letter and email that will provide instructions for how to cast your vote during the February 25 – March 18, 2022 election period. These communications will discuss the three ways you can submit your vote and be assured it has been properly tallied: on-line/electronically using IVOTE, US mail, or hand delivery to the VCA onsite office at 945 W. Vistoso Highlands Drive. Regardless of the mode used, only VCA onsite FirstService Residential staff are authorized to assist you with your voting efforts or handle ballots.
When you choose to vote electronically using your own device, you will receive a confirmation email from the IVOTE system upon successfully completing your input. If you would like to vote electronically but would like additional support, a computer will be available for your use at the VCA community office between 10 AM and 2 PM each weekday during the election period. If requested, a VCA staff member will provide you with additional assistance as needed to support your efforts to vote electronically.

If you choose to return your completed ballot by US mail, it will be scanned and recorded into the IVOTE system by a VCA staff member on the same day it is received. As part of the scanning entry process, the staff member will document the date and time the IVOTE entry is completed along with their signature, scan the paper ballot to record an electronic version of it in the VCA database, and retain the original hardcopy on file. If you provide an email address in your mailing, you will receive an email from the VCA staff member confirming that your ballot was received and recorded.

Residents that prefer to hand-deliver their ballot to the VCA office are asked to drop it in the on-site ballot box on a weekday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Each day at 2 PM a VCA staff member will collect the hand-delivered ballots and enter each into the IVOTE system using the same process as for mailed ballots.

Finally, please remember that per the VCA governing documents, VCA members who are homeowners are provided and allowed to submit only one ballot for each property that they own. Per the VCA ByLaws, Section 2.3, in the event more than one person casts or attempts to cast a vote for a particular lot or parcel, all votes shall be deemed void.

If you have any questions about voting or voting electronically (online), feel free to contact FSR staff at (520) 354-2729.
Please VOTE!

Goal: Best Assure all VCA Members Vote

Whether it’s a national, state, local or VCA election, the most important aspect of an election should be to best assure that every eligible voter has an opportunity to vote for the candidate of his/her choice. The VCA Board and Management makes every effort to assure casting your vote is as easy as possible and asks that you please vote for your favorite candidates.

One issue that can derail all that’s done to make casting VCA members’ votes in the upcoming Board election as simple and easy as possible is unpaid Assessments. That’s right, according to Section 3.5 of the VCA Bylaws Suspension of Rights, the Board may suspend for the entire period during which an Assessment or special Use Fee remains delinquent the obligated Owner’s voting rights and rights to use and enjoy of the Common Areas.

As you can see the Board may and does suspend the voting rights of members whose assessments are delinquent for whatever reason. So, to assure you can cast your vote for the Board Candidate of your choice and retain your rights to use the many wonderful Common Area Facilities and Parks, please be sure your assessment payments are up to date. Thank you and we look forward to your participation in the Board election.