January 2021 E-Newsletter

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Message from the Manager: Colleen Holland

Happy New Year!

2020 flew by faster (and weirder) than we could have anticipated! We wanted to take a moment to slow down and reflect on the year by thanking all those we had the privilege of doing business with throughout 2020 and in years past. This time of the year allows us to take a breath and really remember why we enjoy what we do, day in and day out – The people we work with. Thank you to: Homeowners & Residents, Board & Committee Members, Vendors, and Staff. For all you do, we thank you!

We look forward to exciting times as we continue our efforts to make Vistoso Community Association the best place to be. As you make those New Year resolutions, we ask that each homeowner resolve to help make your community a better place to live. There are many ways you can get involved such as attending the Annual meeting, running for office, get on one of numerous committees, picking up trash when you see some lying around or simply being kind to a neighbor. We appreciate the support of so many of you and do try our best to do what is in the best interest of all homeowners. Best of luck for the coming year!

Town of Oro Valley Annual Community Academy!

The Town of Oro Valley presents the 23rd Annual Community Academy!

Community Academy is going virtual! Safely enjoy this fun, free and unique opportunity to learn about your community and local government. This highly engaging program brings Town staff and residents together to discuss an array of topics pertinent to Oro Valley. 

Classes will be held twice a week from 6-8 PM online via Zoom, throughout February, culminating in a graduation ceremony with Town Council on March 3. Topics include:

  • An Overview of Town Governance- Feb. 4
  • The History of Oro Valley – Feb. 9
  • Town Growth: Trends and Annexation – Feb. 11
  • Traffic, Roadways and Transportation Planning– Feb. 16
  • An Integrative Parks and Recreation Strategy– Feb. 18
  • Town Water Resource Planning – Feb. 23
  • Zoning 101: The Development Review Process and Public Input– Feb. 25

Please register at www.orovalleyaz.gov by February 1 to receive important updates, meeting links and more.  Questions? Contact Jeanna Ancona at jancona@orovalleyaz.gov or (520)229-5062.

Become a Board Member!

The Vistoso Community Association (VCA) Annual Meeting is fast approaching on March 25, 2021. At this point given the Covid-19 risks and social distancing requirements, the Committee is erring on the side of caution by holding the meeting on a digital platform, to be determined.

If you have interest in running for a VCA Board of Directors seat, we are currently in the “Call for Candidates” phase. The deadline to receive applications and bios is January 15, 2021. There are 3 single family seats and 1 multi-family seat available. The application can be found HERE. The election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

An Annual Meeting information packet will be mailed out to all property owners on February 26, 2021. The Board is recommending that all homeowners vote electronically to reduce the need for handling paper ballots, and ensure safety. If you do not have access to a computer, a voting station will be set up in the HOA office where residents can make an appointment to vote. First Residential staff will be available to help you access the IVOTENOW website. If you have any concerns, please reach out to staff at 520-354-2729.

The Board of Directors involves dedicated commitment and hard work.   Board members are encouraged to be out in the community and review proposed projects in the community. There are often additional work study sessions on large or challenging projects. General and Executive Session Board Meetings normally run 6-8 hours per month. Each board member is asked to participate on a standing committee, which is a 2-3 hour commitment per month. The average time commitment for a Board member is roughly 10-20 hours per month. If elected as an officer, that time commitment can increase significantly.

Board members have an important responsibility to focus on issues that face the entire membership and be an essential voice in the community. It is a rewarding experience to see the results of collective hard work. Please consider submitting a board application today!    We are also currently accepting applications for the 2022 Nomination and Election Committee appointment.  Please also consider submitting a committee appointment application today.

Additional information on the Annual Meeting will be available soon on https://ranchovistosohoa.com/


January Landscaping from AAA!

The AAA information for January includes preparing for frost and weed control.

Remember the important Care Tips for this month:

  • Prepare for frost before it happens by have covers ready for frost-tender plants.
  • Wait to prune frost damage until the later part of February.
  • Plant fruit and shade trees early if you can.

Download the full color flyer and all the Tips for January HERE.

Holiday Lights Reminder!

Happy New Year to all Vistoso Community Association (VCA) residents! 2020 is behind us, the holidays are over, and the New Year is upon us.

Thank you for spreading holiday cheer in our neighborhoods during these hard times. We truly enjoyed the fun and creative decorations. As much as we would like to keep the holiday cheer going, all holiday decorations must be removed to stay in compliance within the CC&R’s.

Holiday lights and decorations need to be removed 20 days after the holiday. Therefore, by January 20, 2021 please remove all holiday lights and decorations.

Welcome to the New Year, we hope you enjoyed the holiday season!

Get to know your Committees: Communications Committee!

The Communication Committee of the Vistoso Community Association (VCA) has several key areas of focus:  newsletter creation and production; website maintenance; and assisting with overall communication for notifying homeowners.

The original quarterly VCA newsletter has evolved in the past six months into a monthly virtual format.   The move away from print has saved costs in the VCA budget as well as allowed for timely and relevant articles. The feedback we have received since the initial July issue has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Communication Committee took over the development and maintenance of the HOA website in March, 2020.  The committee felt having control of the website allowed for design flexibility and a “personal touch”. The website includes features such as an active calendar that includes agendas and links to virtual meetings and resources necessary to inform and educate homeowners. Check it out HERE!

The Committee is also actively involved in constructing communications for information and events approved by the Board of Directors.  The Committee stays involved behind the scenes to edit, reflect, and support the many communication needs in VCA  operations.

The Communication Committee structure has 5 voting members plus 1 alternate. Additionally, we encourage all homeowner input and attendance at our meetings. Many ideas for articles and events come from you, our homeowners! We also embrace help from volunteers that have computer and website skills, please “zoom” with us at our next meeting!

If you have any ideas or want to help with the Communications Committee – reach out to askvca@ranchovistosohoa.com.

Preserve Vistoso

Preserve Vistoso Members Support Town Council’s efforts to negotiate sale of Vistoso Property

We hope everyone had a safe and healthy holiday season and that 2021 is a great year for you and your family.  Also, on our 2021 wish list is that the Town completes a successful negotiation with Romspen for the purchase of the Vistoso Property.  You may remember that on November 18, 2020, Town Council unanimously approved a motion by Mayor Winfield to direct Town Management to begin discussions with Romspen to negotiate a sale of the Vistoso property.

Since Town Council asked Town Management for frequent updates on this issue, we urge Preserve Vistoso members to attend Town Council meetings (via ZOOM) and speak during the initial “Call to the Audience” comment period at the beginning of the meeting.  We need to thank Mayor Winfield and the members of the Council for supporting our efforts to preserve the Vistoso property.   You may check the Town Council agenda, click HERE, for information about Town Council meetings. 

The Vistoso property is especially suited for conversion into a nature preserve type of park. It is natural desert environment with six miles of paved trails. There are roadway underpasses so hikers and bikers on the trail don’t need to cross local streets. Three restrooms are located at different points along the trail. The views from the trail of the nearby mountain ranges are spectacular. This park will provide a healthy recreation experience for residents of all ages and abilities.

Preserving this land for Oro Valley recreation use not only serves to provide a place for residents to enjoy outdoor recreation, but it will also provide a sanctuary for the wildlife that live on the property and use it to travel between wildlife habitats. In addition to the abundant wildlife, the property has a history of native people living on this land. Petroglyphs exist on the property, evidence it was once home to early inhabitants in this area including Sleeping Snake Village. 

Since the property is envisioned to be primarily natural, open space, the maintenance requirements of this nature park are expected to be low. The main areas that would need to be maintained are the path, the restrooms and the access areas. One of the large, local landscape companies estimates that the cost to maintain these features could be as low as $54,000 per year.

Preserve Vistoso and its 1,350 members are encouraged that the vision we have for this property will soon become a reality. We thank the Oro Valley Mayor, Town Council members and Town Management for their continued efforts.  If you would like to know more about this project visit PreseveVistoso.com. Please consider becoming a Preserve Vistoso member, it’s free to join. You will be kept up to date on news related to this project!

Rancho Vistoso Community Q & A

Q:  Is there any wildlife in the community?

A:  Yes! The community is surrounded by Sonoran desert and people can expect to see a variety of wildlife which include Javelina, Bobcats, Coyotes, Snakes, Deer, and an occasional Mountain Lion just to name a few.  Wild animals are venturing more and more often into urban areas and encounters can happen on a nature trail, walking the dog in your neighborhood, or even in your backyards.  Remember that feeding wild animals is illegal in most of Arizona, especially Javelina.  The best way to enjoy our wildlife is watching them from a distance.  The best source of information can be found at the Arizona Game & Fish website, HERE.

The local Golder Ranch Fire District can help with rattlesnake removal by calling their office 520-825-9001 EX 0 and they will dispatch staff or calling 911 but stating that it is not an emergency.

For anyone interested in a more detailed list of animals found in the Rancho Vistoso area, please visit the following: